ah shoes!!

i have a bone to pick with all stores who manufacture women's clothing.

this weekend, our task list included:
  • find wedding shoes for me
  • find wedding shoes for lincoln
we spent our president's day roaming the mall in search for such items.

and this is why i have a bone to pick...

the first store we went to (did i say first?) had lincoln's perfect shoes: right color, right size, right style and right everything i we envisioned them to be.

then we spent the rest of the afternoon in and out of stores looking for my shoes.


absolutely nothing appealed to me.

women obviously have a significantly larger selection, but they are either too high, too shiny, too flat, too ugly, too gaudy, too plain, too painful, mostly all the wrong color, etc., etc., etc.,

now, lincoln says i'm too picky and should just buy any old shoe...
but let's face it, i'm not that kind of girl.

so i need your help.

do you know of any good resources i can purchase shoes?
what did you do on your wedding day?
reasonable pricing?

here's a link to a picture of some shoes i really like and wish i could find something like. relatively small heel, ivory white, some sort of bow/decoration... if any of you can make out what brand of shoe that is, let me know. thanks!

i won't even get started on trying to find something to wear for our engagement photos. i seriously can't find anything.

at this point, i wish i just had my own personal seamstress and shoemaker.

in other wedding attire news...

i will give you a preview of my wedding dress. my dad's cousin, barbara, has made custom wedding dresses for like 30 years. it's not completely ready, but will be done next week!!
it is soooooooo pretty. and i'm soooooooo excited about it.

here's a sneak peak of the gorgeous lace.

thanks for all your insights!


becca said...

hey, i really like your blog, so i hope this doesn't make you feel bad, because i don't mean for it to. i just feel the need to tell you that it's "gaudy" not "god-y."

xoxoKrysten said...

Have you tried Zappos.com? They have a huge selection. And you can put in heel type, size, color, etc.

siovhan said...

if i know one thing in this whole world -- it's shoes.
those are Nina brand shoes.
here's her website: http://ninashoes.com/

and here are those exact shoes:

(she has tons of others with bows and stuff. and you can even design your own.)

Kelly's Adventures said...

Here is a web site called Shop Style: They have everything you just put what style you want, the price, and so on and so forth and they will tell you where you can find them. GOOD LUCK!


Anonymous said...

Hee hee hee (giddy laugh)!!

brittany barney said...

oh my oh my. LOVEEEEEE how the dress is coming along. looks divine. seriously. can not wait!! its going to be so beautiful. ok. seriously you can borrow an outfit of mine for your engagement pics. i kinda have an assortment you can choose from if you know what i mean. and we seem to be similar in size. also, i would try anthro for the shoes. they never fail. and have great sales.

Krista & Tyler said...

I got my wedding shoes on Forever 21.com. I know, that sounds odd, but they were the ONLY ones I liked. Period. And, they were true to their sizes - relief. I bought them only a few weeks b4 the wedding! Eek. Glad you're looking early :)
You gave us great advice on what to wear for our engagements - I think you would look stunning in your Shabby Apple apparel.

Krista & Tyler said...

strike that - they only have odd looking shoes now :) lame!

communikate. said...

Love that neckline. I'm sure the whole dress is going to be gorgeous.

As for the shoes..

Remember you're going to be in them for majority of the day {comfort}


Will your dress cover them up? {If so, don't SWEAT finding the perfect shoe.. or do it.. it's up to you!}

Lila said...

Here you are, lovely lady:

(i also love these:
...but they might be a little much.)

Lila said...
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Thao said...

How exciting! I spent today looking for wedding shoes too. Those shoes are Nina, as everyone else has told you, and I actually saw them at a DSW today! You might scope them out, because they have great clearance sales, even on Nina shoes--and if you sign up for their online newsletter, you can often get other deals too. Good luck!

marierin said...

Here are some I found and liked:



Good luck!! Shoe shopping is brutal. Let us know which ones you decide on getting! Can't wait to see the finished wedding gown!! (I'm going into Bridal Fashion... so I'm extremely excited to see the finished product)

Leon said...

Jalface, the title of this post sounds like a sneeze! :)

lsgerber said...

I've really gotten into original/one of a kind shoes. I would check out etsy.com. they have really cute vintage or homemade shoes. :)

marierin said...



more I love... man. I might get me some new shoes!

lehi + sasha said...

first word: nordstrom. {my meca}
second word: neiman marcus.