half a year.

six months ago today, lincoln and i went on our first date.

you can read how we came about here. it tells all the details of how we met and our first date.
i won't retell you the whole story,
except for this one detail...

when i think about our first date... relive it in my memory...
do you know what i see?

his smile.
and it completely melts my heart.

it's funny to compare the lincoln i know and love now... my best friend... my fiance!...
to the lincoln i remember from that first date.

i'm sure most of you have felt this before, but it's kind of like they are two different people.
except not.
it's just interesting how our perceptions... mostly first perceptions... of someone feel like a different person.
but in fact, they are exactly the same person. the same person that you know and love now.
it just took a while to sort all those perceptions out, right?

his smile.
that's the one thing that doesn't feel different from our first date to today.

each and every time it melts my heart.

geez, i love that boy.

this has been the best half year of my life.

happy half-of-a-year anniversary!


Anonymous said...

Cute! It's Heather & Joseph's 1 year Anniversary today! :)

xoxoKrysten said...

Yay! Happy anniversary to you both!

Shelby Lou said...

Because I'd rather read your blog then do homework... I went back to some of your older posts when you two first met. You've been adorable from the beginning!

Your blog is sweet, and I love it.

Shelby Lou

Brittany said...

dah i'm such a sucker for smiles and good teeth.

you two are adorable.

brittany barney said...

yay! happy anniversary soon enough it will be your six months of marriage! our six months is in a few days and i cant believe it! im so happy for you! and i like how you have re done parts of the blog. and yes, they do seem like two different people, crazy how that is. well said.

Prix said...

you seem like such a great girl.
i stumbled upon your blog, but i like you already!

i am glad you are so happy. :]

CAPow! said...

so cute! congratulations!