i offically hate this.

some days i can handle the whole long distance thing...

some days i really can't.

today was one of those days.

i really hate it.

i hate that i turn into a grouch.

me acting like a grouch is super annoying.

i get annoyed with myself for being a grouch
which turns me into an even bigger grouch.

(is the word "grouch" starting to sound weird to anyone else?)

can you see how ridiculous this is?


i thought today,
"man... those military wives are saints. i could never do that."

any of you have advice for long-distance relationships?
and how to not turn into a grouch by day #2 during the week?
and how to get through the other 4 days?

i could use it.



Robby Spratt said...

While I was in Logan I dated a girl in SLC for a year and a half. We pretty much just talked on the phone a lot, texted each other frequently, and chatted online a bunch. Every weekend either she, or I, would make the drive. Occasionally one of us would make a surprise mid-week visit.
That's how we did it, but we eventually broke up, so perhaps my advice is flawed. I'm sure you are doing all of the above things already anyway. Good luck!

My Wooden Heart said...

awwww :( so sad. I hope it gets easier for you.

Anonymous said...

Advice on long distance relationships won't help because it is different with every person.
I loved being long distance... it was easier.

Elaine said...

My boyfriend and I live 1,000 miles apart, he's a first year law student, I'm a senior in college and work full time. Sometimes it gets really hard to sync our schedules to be able to sit down and talk for more than 5 minutes every night, we're tired, we're busy, but we always make time for "goodnight calls." If goodnight calls were short, someone usually wakes the other up for "morning hellos." Just making sure we talk to each other at least once a day for no special reason makes a big difference.

Adele said...

oh i was in a long distance for about 2 years and it was HARD. but it all worked out in the end (: one thing we did was to court each other long distance, through emails, letters, etc etc. im sure you'll get through it! xo

G said...

I was in a long distance relationship for years. The only thing that got me through it was long phone calls and planning what we were going to do when we got to see each other. I put tons of effort into what we were going to do or what I was going to give him for his birthday, Valentine's day, Christmas, etc. I know that's not as good as actually getting to see him, but I found that focusing on projects and filling my time was better than sitting around and thinking about how I wasn't able to be with him. If none of this helps, at least know that other people have done the long distance thing and managed to make it through and you definitely can too!

Anna said...

aww girl you will get through this! think of it as...the last bit of YOU-time before you spend the rest of your life with your man! I have been LD with my bf for over a year and a half (last year, 800 miles apart YIKES, this year 160 miles) and yes it sucks, but I try to enjoy the time I have to focus on myself and discover who I am; it's important to be able to be happy alone before you open your life to another person forever! And yes, I have had the exact same thought about those military wives...they have my extreme respect!!!

xoxoKrysten said...

I don't really have a whole lot of advice - the one LDR that I was in was a wreck because I couldn't handle it.

I will tell you that one day you will look back and this time in your life will seem like a little blip. One day you will be married and living together and you'll MISS those times when you had a little time to yourself. Don't believe me? I swear it's true! I love my hubby like crazy but when he goes out of town I now find it a nice little break.

Or maybe that does just sound crazy, hehe.

communikate. said...


i'm sorry.

that sucks.

grouch is a funny word. even funnier when you say it a few times. then it looses it's meaning all together.

thank heavens for skype. facebook. blogging. and email. to keep in touch with those we love.

can you imagine if we still had the pony express?

just a few more months, and then you'll be with him forever!!

BeccaKaryn said...

Oh my goodness I can relate with this right now, but I'm not in a long-distance relationship, I see him every day and somedays I am a grouch too. I feel for you, and I love your blog! Advice from me? Distract yourself. Keep REALLY busy doing good, positive things. My amazing boyfriend will be leaving me for the entire summer (My favorite season to spend with him) and I'm having a hard time even at the thought of it. But I will be taking up kickboxing, and exercising, eating lots of fruits and veggies (and guacamole!), and finding a way to be "just Becca" instead of "Eric's Becca". I don't know if this helped at all, but you are beautiful and I know you'll make it! Good luck!

heisschic said...

im not technically in a LDR at the moment (it just feels like it since the bf has SUCH a busy schedule... only get to see him weekends as it is), so feel free to ignore.

BUT- yes, modern technology is great... but it's the little things, the little old fashioned things that could be a good distraction. write an actual letter- fun to write, then fun to wait for him to get it, then 'goodness how is it already so late in the week.'

when i was in an ldr, whenever i'd miss him, i'd go to the gym. i was in amazing shape at the end of the summer... and i know he was that much happier to have a more trim/more CONFIDENT me at his side. (you're already itty-bitty, but it was a good way to pass time)

im gonna stop rambling now.

good luck!

TheCoys said...

I'm sorry this is so hard. Just look at it as another way to get to know Lincoln. You can't talk to him quite the same way and build trust quite the same you would if he were right there next to you. I guess it's kinda like coming to earth to be tested, we don't get to have Christ next to us all the time, because we need to be tested to make sure we can still remember him when he's not there. It's like a test to see how much you can still love Lincoln (by being a happy person) when he's not right next to you. Although it's hard to be apart right now, you will have different hardships when you're married, so if you learn to handle them well now, the ones that come later will not be quite as difficult. I guess I can sum it up to say that this is a test of your character and how good of a person you can become given a hard situation. You can do it! I know you can.

Katie said...

My sister dated her then boyfriend (now husband) for 8 months long distance.

It sounded horrible.