just one of those days.

hey, it's me again.

debbie downer.

what up?

well, i spent the majority of the day crying.


earlier today i was being pouty because of the whole long distance thing.

just a bad day to begin with.

thanks for you suggestions though!
you guys are great.

and then my shoe decided today to squeak when i walk.

then i went to observe a counseling session.
i have to do this for my major.

by the way, these counseling sessions...
not that easy to get into.
especially with my schedule.
21 credits and 30 hours of work is kind of restricting time wise, just fyi.

i show up early.
and chipper.

then the secretary tells me the appointment changed from 4:00 to 3:00
and i missed it.
and no one told me!

this was the straw that broke the camel's back.
i don't have time for things like this to happen!!

so i said thank you
and left.

i walked out to my car and called my mom.
because that's what you do when your world comes crashing down, right?

and i cried
and told her how much i hate school
and hate living here
and hate winter.

which isn't all entirely true, but in the moment it is.

and she talked to me while i drove to the grocery store where i could buy eggs
so i could make funfetti cookies.
because that's what you make on a bad day.

after loading up my cart, i proceeded to the check out line,
my eyes already red and my skin blotchy from a day of crying.

the girl is ringing up my eggs, strawberry popsicles, juice, skittles, and life savers.


i don't have my wallet.

i don't have my wallet!

yep, still in my backpack.
at home.

and my day just got a million times better.

i tell the girl, "i forgot my wallet. i'll be back."
and run out of Smiths with tears running down my face,


as i drove home to retrieve my wallet i start laughing amidst the crying
because of the stupidness of this day.

lincoln told me to go take a nap.
i think that sounds like a good idea.

it's just one of those days that i'm not particularly good at functioning.


you can laugh, i won't feel bad.


Anna said...

I am so sorry....I hate when stupid trivial things get the best of a person. I fell out of the bus yesterday and I started crying. So dumb, and NOT WORTH IT, but I still cried.
At least you're letting it out. I'd rather cry than hold it all in.

geri said...

jason and i did the long distance thing while we were engaged.
i was in logan and he was in idaho.
totally sucked. no getting around it.

but if you'd like a should to cry on, i totally get you.

p.s. i hope you still made the funfetti cookies.

Steve and Audrey said...

oh man babe, no fun!! to be honest, i chuckled a little, but only because i have had SO many days like that this semester already! i totally feel your pain! go right ahead and cry--it makes you feel so much better when you're done. and you'll make it to the end. yep. you will. i love you!

Anonymous said...

I think there is more sympathy for you than you may realize. We have all had one bad days where one thing after the other seems to go wrong. Mine involved leaving my wallet home and crying too, oddly enough. LAME! I'm sorry, Jaleny Bean. Don't be frustrated. Have a good sleep, breathe, and ... COOOUNT YOUR BLES-SINGS, name them one by o-o-one ... count your many blessings see what God . hath . done . HEY! (picture how happy we are when we sing that :) Someone understands 100%, 100% of the time. Love you!

Jocelyn said...

i had one of those days yesterday. They suck I am sorry. Long distance sucks. I was in a LD relationship for a year. It was so so hard. But he'll be back soon!

Talana said...

Hello Debbie Downer!
I am Francine Frowner.
and I understand you!

Lets please continue to share our crazy lives filled with tears and cookies.
For it feels good to know you are not alone in this big bad world.

Dayna said...

Dear Jalene,
I love you so much and I'm sorry you had such a freakin' crappy day.
I hope tomorrow is ten million times better.

Chess said...

I've cried walking home from school at least twice this week. And tears freezing on your face does not feel good at all. So I know about that world-crashing-down thing. Hope everything's better now and you were able to get your cookies.

Mandy said...

Long distance accentuates everything for the worse.

Hang in there lady.