the second date.

the other day lincoln and i were reminiscing about our second date.

mostly we were laughing about how risky that date was...
meaning it really could've been the end of us dating if we really had let it.

he came up to Logan and we decided to attend the 80s dance party on campus before hiking the windcaves we had planned for later.

before he arrived, my friend, erin, and i went to the store to purchase 80s attire.
i bought a bright pink shirt that read, "I'M DAH BOMB!" and of course, had a graphic of a bomb with a burning fuse plastered on it. i also decided to buy these skinny purple capris that hit at about the knee. big mistake! they were NOT attractive, people. the whole outfit was hideous. some girls can pull off wearing costumes and being cute at the same time.

i, however, cannot.

lincoln arrived without any 80s attire which made me feel even more awkward. there he was in his normal street clothes looking handsome and there i was, in my hideous outfit sporting a side ponytail. i'll tell you right now that i despise the first picture lincoln and i ever took together. i will not post it for you. so sorry.

we arrived at the party and walked around trying to find something to do. we were two people that barely knew each other... still not quite sure how the other person felt about the relationship... already a vulnerable situation.

we entered the dancing mosh of dressed up college students. we tried to dance but every time i would release my arms from the confines of my body, they would brush against some dude's sweaty naked arms. and that was not pleasant. second dates should be about talking and getting to know the other person. this was hard to do since everyone around us was screaming along with ACDC's "All Night Long!"
dancing was awkward. being pushed into sweaty people was awkward. my outfit was awkward. i don't even remember how long we stayed. it felt like forever, but was probably only around 45 minutes.

we left. i changed out of the hideous outfit.

we got two other couples together to hike the wind caves. you remember the wind caves? so pleasant during the day. hiking them at 11:00 p.m. was another adventure. i didn't quite remember that this hike is about 45 minutes up and another 45 minutes down during daylight hours, and obviously longer when it's pitch black. we heard of other students hiking this in the middle of the night. it seemed like some unwritten tradition that we needed to complete before graduation. we grabbed our flashlights and headed up the mountain. i lead the way because i was the only one who volunteered.

the first part of the hike was fine. my friend kevin serenaded us with some songs. we talked and laughed.

we were climbing steadily up the mountain and suddenly, a very large something ran through the brush on the side of the path. i could tell by the speed it moved and how loud it was that is was something very large. i was totally freaked out. but we figured it ran off. i spent the remainder of the hike yelling every so often, "GO AWAY, COUGAR!... WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE, MOUNTAIN LION!... LA LA LA LA I'M BEING LOUD!!!" we tried to remember what we were supposed to do if a bear attacked us. good thing it didn't attack us, because we couldn't remember.

we finally reached the wind caves. explored a bit and then lincoln and i plopped ourselves down against a ridge and watched the stars in the sky. (watching stars seems to be a common theme for our dates.) we sat there for a while and then Lindsey and Tyler emerged from the caves telling us they just saw a bat! needless to say, we made our way down the mountain shortly after. again, i yelled to the beast in the brush to stay far away.

we arrived at the bottom unscathed and decided that we should make shirts that read, "i hiked the windcaves at midnight... and SURVIVED!!"
we still haven't made the shirts, but i think we should.

later that night, my friend, lindsey, told me that they LOVED lincoln! and that i should marry him.

i wasn't quite sure he would be up for that after the awkward 80s dance and me dragging him up a mountain in the middle of the night.

but it all worked out in the end, right? :)


Nik and Dawna said...

That is so cute!
And funny - Nik and I went on a hike to the windcaves down in Mesa, AZ (where we are from) on our 2nd date...and things almost ended that night too...but Nik wouldn't give up (thank goodness).
Maybe hiking the windcaves on a second date is a sign!
And that night was when our first pics were taken and I looked hideous from getting sweaty hiking up the stupid mountain! It was dark so I made Nik lead the way...and he hikes FAST!

cole linnae said...


xoxoKrysten said...

What an adventure!

I think the fact that you hiked up there and survived is just proof that you two totally belong together. Especially with that mountain lion/cougar/bear after you ;-)

jaimie said...

This is totally a cute story that your kids will laugh at! Ok so i am such a stalker but your blog is so cute and i love your style! I go to the U and i am almost positive that i saw Lincoln on campus today...I don't even know if he goes here! If he doesnt then it was someone that looked exactly like him...But i literally started laughing out loud because how stalkerish is that?? I have never met you or him and the only way i would ever recognize either of you is by your blog. Oh my goodness, i swear i am a normal person!!! Sorry this is probably totally creepy but i had to mention it. I'm contemplating even posting this haha again, i swear i'm normal! :) xoxo

brittany barney said...

ive been on a first date up the wind caves. yes, not the most ideal. but i laughed the whole way through this story. love it. and looooove the 80s dance part. so glad you wore the outfit. you had to. you were a student! usu dance parties get crazy!

Leon said...

I feel like an Aggie-Failure.

1) Not a true aggie.
2) Never hiked the Wind Caves at night.

See ya in two days, Jalface!

kate lines said...

ugh. our second date was awkward, too. we somehow ended up with a 5th wheel who didn't get a date....

i've never lived in utah, so i couldn't tell you whats good. but i've heard slc has the best goodwills. and just remember, you have to dig and a good wash when you get home does wonders for a dress...

Chess said...

That's seriously funny. Good thing you didn't let awkward get in the way! ;-)

Dayna said...

I totally hiked Squaw Peak in Provo at like 10:30 at night one time, and it is two hours one way. We got back down at about three I think. No idea why we did that.

TheCoys said...

okay, let's clarify. I loved Lincoln for YOU. I love Tyler. Haha! I'm glad we were mentioned here. That was one of the funnest times. I'm so glad we went and I'm even glad we had some scary adventures. Well worth it.

Shanley said...

LOVE it. Just had my first second date w my /boy :) fortunately...no 80s dance parties.

Sabrina. said...

HaHA! I love this story. Especially the part about not being able to remember what to do if a bear attacks. Awesome! Yay for mawidge!