who me?

a few weeks ago i had a photo shoot with my friend kristin.

you remember kristin?

well, this time she took pictures of me!

it was so fun.
and i love how they turned out.

here are some of my favorites.






thanks, kristin!


xoxoKrysten said...

You are positively GORGEOUS and those pictures are amazing!

Carlita said...

so pretty! and that coat is very Penelope like - and i love it.

Mandy said...


CaLLie.ANN said...

You're really pretty.
So, you agree?
You think you're really pretty.
--Oh, I don't know.
Oh my god, love your bracelet. Where'd you get it?

....Name that show.

Moral of the story: You are really pretty. I'm sorry I got side-tracked and had to quote an entire monologue to get the point across.

Ashley said...

Those are great pictures of you! Well Oklahoma City has some crazy weather, but it's not too terrible of a place; I hope your in-laws-to-be enjoy it here! I actually live in Edmond which is a suburb of Oklahoma City (in the same county and everything). My husband and I both grew up in the Baptist Church and I don't know if we'd ever to convert to the LDS Church, but we have been really interested by Mormons lately (mainly once I started blogging because SO many blogs are by Mormon women who are so interesting!). I know we both believe in Heaven and Jesus being the way to Heaven, but I didn't know if the LDS Church believed those who aren't Mormons will be in Heaven? You may not know, but since you asked if I have questions, I figured I'd ask! Hope you have a better week!

kristin said...

ooooh you did such a beautiful job with your edits. i love them!

CAPow! said...


Chess said...

Love that coat. You are so pretty!

Sam said...

You are gorgeous! :)

7upkels said...

umm...ggooorrggeeeoouussss. your fiance must think your hot, hot, hot because you are.

Connie said...

cute blog! She did a fabulous job!

brittany barney said...

i love these! yay for hot pics. and i love your coat, where did you come across such a find? you are beautiful.

mina said...

i love the coat! really pretty pictures.