back in high school,

i took choir
and dance
and was in musicals.

played basketball
and football

and quit choir after one semester
(because of a certain conflict with the choir teacher. ahem.)

on saturday we returned to our high school
(viewmont vikings!)

(where we once upon a time we didn't know the other existed)
to see the annual musical.

this year:

first of all,
i'm proud to say that my high school is known for putting on amazing shows.
i may be biased, but seriously,
we are good.

i think the area must breed very talented high school kids or something.

so let's talk about CATS...
no exactly my most favorite musical ever.
music and dancing are awesome,
but the plot, or lack there of, doesn't exactly draw you in.

but i had heard really good things about VHS's production...
so we went.

and we were BLOWN away!

man, if i didn't know any better, i would've believed it was a traveling Broadway company.

those little high school kids OWNED it
and it was absolutely amazing!

it made me miss theatre so much.
one day, when i'm not working 30 hours and taking 21 credits and planning a wedding,
i'll do a show again.

so, this is matt.

he one of my high school friend's little brother.

when matt was like 12 i was teaching him how to do pirouettes in their kitchen.
and now... he was pretty much the main dancer in this show.
and he's about 100 times the dancer i ever was.
he's going to be famous one day.
i know it.

to all my fellow vikings:
wonderful job!  we loved it!


Anonymous said...

So true! Matt and "his twin" owned that stage! The only thing I miss about high school is choir/musicals.

Chess said...

Oh man. I miss choir so, so much sometimes! And I may be biased too, but my HS was awesome in the music theater department as well. Good ol' MVHS! I'm glad you had such a good time. It's always good to revisit the old haunts sometimes. :)

rick & kels said...

i had to pick seven blogs that were my favorite. yours is one.


Sam said...

aw, that sounds like so much fun! i need to go to some high school productions when i'm back in my hometown. I've always wanted to see Cats!

brittany barney said...

oh so fun! wish i couldve seen it. i hurt for theatre i miss it so much. he looks awesome. loves!

Jessica Leigh said...

I'm with you. i can echo this whole post (minus the Lincoln and teaching Matt to do pirouettes...haha).


Can I relive doing a VHS musical just for a moment?