my husband.

this week is spring break, which has translated into get-a-lot-of-wedding-stuff-done-week.
it has been nice not to use one single ounce of my brain power thinking about school.
i am much happier this week, but that might also because i get to see lincoln every day.

man, that guy.

late last night, i stared at my wedding dress which hangs in a bag on my closet door at my parents house.
and i decided to put it on.

i've never loved any other dress more in my life.  {that will make my mom happy.}

but do you know want to know something?

every night as i lay my head on my pillow, even though i have like 50 million things to think about, like wedding decorations, flowers, vases, bridesmaids dresses, songs, shoes, hair pieces, engagement outfits, hair, makeup, invitations, etc., etc., etc.

i can't help thinking about one thing.
every night.

and that is how excited i am to be married.
M-A-R-R-I-E-D. married.

amidst the chaos of details and planning and stressing, i seem to only be able to think about that point in the day on june 5 when lincoln and i will finally be husband and wife.  the mr. and the mrs.  straight up hard-core married!

thinking about that moment makes me tear up. 
thinking about that moment makes me indescribably happy.

that's what i'm most excited for.  that moment.
when i stare at his face and he is no longer my fiance,
but my husband and my eternal companion. 

i am willing to bet
that will be the








Anonymous said...

No doubt about it :) Let me know if I can take the weight off of any of the planning stuff. Also, would you like to have the friend shower in April or May? I was thinking a Saturday evening again, like we usually do.

Sam said...

Aw, that is very sweet. I'm so happy for you! :D

Chess said...

Until of course you have your first child. At least, that's what I hear. :) It's lovely that you're so excited! (I'm excited to be that excited one day.)

brittany barney said...

ahhhh. i love it. i love it i love it i love it.

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

That was such a cute post! Love it! I'm so happy that you two will be so happy! Marriage is seriously the best!

tifsong said...

hi stranger.
you just made me cry.
thank you. i am so excited for you.
i cannot wait for the day that i get to be endowed with the greatness of an eternal marriage.

and to be a wife! OH to be a wife.

i am thrilled for it.

but for now,
i'll just live vicariously through you? heh. :)

katrina said...

it will be. :]