did you know?

did you know...

in about 5 weeks i will be graduating from college.

well, sort of.
i'm "walking" in about five weeks, but i have to do this practicum/intership thingy in the summer.

i kind of forget this is going to happen.

no more tests, papers, assignments, projects, finals...
for the rest. of. my. life!

i should probably be anticipating it more, but i'm kind of anticipating june 5th more, so i tend to forget about my school life ending forever.

i've gone to school straight since i was 5 years old.  it's kind of mind boogling it's going to end. 
but i couldn't be more ready for it to end.

i'm ready to move on to different things in life.

i have BIG plans for my photography after i graduate.
i'm pretty excited about this.
you should be excited too.

did you know...
i really value education.  and i believe everyone who has the opportunity for education should take it.
i love learning.  the only part that really drives me nuts is having to be accountable for that learning... with tests and assignments.  but i suppose that helps us learn and retain the information too... or whatever.

i'm just really excited to close this chapter of my life.
now i will be able to learn and read whatever i want!  and not be accountable for it. 
oh man... it's going to be great!

now, i'm hoping that everything will go as planned.  being a transfer students totally screws up all the requirements you need and everything.  i just don't want to be the character in those horror stories you hear about... when people find out they have more classes to take the last week of the what they thought would be the last semester of their life.  that would be the pits.  i probably would sit on the ground and cry and quit without ever getting that piece of paper. 

but let's not think about that...

so did you know...

that i'm getting a degree in family finance?

people often say, "what do you do with a degree like that?"

well, i'm not really sure what i'm going to do with my degree, but today i'm offering my knowledge to you.
i know money is sometimes a taboo subject.  and some people think it's boring to discuss.
but i love talking about finances. 

so here's my hope... that you lurkers will come out and ask the questions you have about finances.  please dont' be shy.  this won't only help you, but it'll help me apply what i learn in school. 

having trouble finding a budget that works for you?  i know some...
having trouble finding a good savings account right now in this economy?  i know some...
want to pay down your debt faster?  i know some ways...
do you have questions about credit or your credit report?  i could tell you...
have you started a retirement account yet? i could show you why you should...

maybe this is totally lame and no one will reply... but i hope you will.  don't hesitate, please!
it's basically free counseling!!

you can email me [jaybphoto{at}gmail{dot}com] with your questions and i'll keep it annonymous if you would like.
then i'll post the answers on this blog.

you never know, someone might just be wondering the same thing. 


Krista & Tyler said...

oh good grief-where have you been all of my life!? i only budget one way: don't spend. i used to eat $35 food/month. yep. then i almost cried when we got married and spent $80. haha I've since loosened up, but still treat finances with my eyes closed. Tyler has perfect credit (almost) and I am just getting some. So, when we do this shoot, you should just throw out ideas about finance.
I still like to not spend...and just save. haha

brittany barney said...

wow, im so impressed that you know so much, i dont know really what questions to ask...but would love to know about all of those categories! and i am so excited for you to graduate! that'll be so amazing, and for your photography company! and can not wait to see the rest of your engagements, they are seriously going to rock! i loved that first one. you are gorgeous my dear.

Lydia said...

That is my major, too! Well, kind of - it is my emphasis in Home and Family Living at BYU. It is one of the most practical subjects. Congratulation on your upcoming graduation! I'm still working on mine via independent study, but the end is close.

xoxoKrysten said...

I will definitely have to email you, I have questions.

Whitney said...

You're cool!!! I'm proud of you for knowing so much! It will so useful for you and your family!

Anonymous said...

I sort of am one of those horror stories. i was supposed to graduate this December, but just BARELY found out I need 9 more credits. I'm still going to attempt to Graduate in December though. I want to be done!!