the result of snow, stress, and seclusion.

i'm ornery today.

and just fyi, when someone tells you that you are being ornery, even though you know you're being ornery, it doesn't exactly make you any less ornery.

and i know i should probably stop being ornery because it really is a waste of time.

i totally get that.

but it snowed like a foot today.  so the snow made me ornery.  and wet.

and just a word of advice, don't be engaged for 6 months.

it totally bites.

no one should have to think about wedding planning for more than 4 months.

and i wouldn't recommend having a long distance relationship.  that really bites too.

i'm so lonely up here, gosh dang it.

and don't take 21 credits, work 30 hours a week, and a plan a wedding all in the same semester.

it will probably make you ornery too.

just sayin.

peace out.

this ornery girl is going to bed.
it is probably the best thing for the world.


brittany barney said...

saying peace out makes everyone feel better.

and really, no one should be engaged for longer than 2 months.

and NO ONE SHOULD EVER EVER EVER EVER have to be away from the person they love.
its just criminal. i hate it. and im sorry. be ornery all you want sister. and go get yourself some gushers. or make your roommate get you some.
and just think about your wedding dress.
loves to you my favorite friend!

Michelle said...

I can't imagine doing all that you are doing! And being away from your fiancee during that long engagement! You are such a trooper!

I hope it gets much more spring-y and warm! Think of how the days are dwindling before you go to that temple with your glorious man and get sealed to him forever and ever!!

Laura said...

You're a very lucky girl to be so in love. I spent 5 months completely apart from my now husband. We were then engaged 6 months and have now been married for 6 years and right now I'm in Scotland and he's in California. We're apart for 7 weeks. It does suck. Hard. And I hate it to death.
I'm just glad Lincoln isn't in the military because I don't know that I could handle reading your blog any more. Ha!
You're wedding will be beautiful and you'll wonder what all your ornery-ness was even about once the week of the wedding comes around.

Michelle said...

I didn't have a long distance relationship (I give you credit for that one!) but I was engaged for almost TWO years! It was crazy.... by the time the day hit.... I wanted it more than I wanted air. I agree with ya though, over 4 months of it will make you loopy!

Kara Lynn said...

I hate when people point that out too. It's like they want their head bit off :-) I have been engaged for 10 months and still have 2 more to go!! Yours is much rougher though, the long distance thing would maybe kill me. You're strong!! And you have good reason to be ornery. Hope ya wake up in a better mood!

Megan said...

ornery is such a weird word.

xoxoKrysten said...

Ugh, I planned a wedding for a year and I hated it. Short, short engagements are so much better!

Shanley said...

all of these factors mean that you, basically, deserve to be onery. i would revel in it.