dreaming and things.

if i was insanely rich

and knew that people didn't tear open and throw away envelopes,

i would have my invitations addressed like this

*gasp!*  aren't they sooo pretty???

i've been browsing this blog for hours.

i think i'm in love.


Brittany said...

i'm going to make sure i'm rich and don't care much about wasted paper by the time i need to worry about wedding invites.

so, so pretty!

xoxoKrysten said...

Wow those are GORGEOUS!

7upkels said...

wowowow. those are absolutely beautiful. i'm saving it on my computer right now! i love that!

brittany barney said...

so wonderful. ummmmmmm our invites ended up being over 1,ooo dollars. i wanted to die. they were supposed to be $350. yeah. things got messy. and we used a fifth of our budget on invites. not worth it. sad. but those are beautiful! when are you taking your pics?