the skies were blue.

today was lovely.

i am boycotting winter by not wearing a coat.
i think it might be working.

i can feel spring just trying to break through.

and hey,
i just want to say that this week i'm going to try and be positive and happy all week.

sometimes school really gets to me...
as you know from here.

but life is great!
and happy!
and wonderful!
and i'm in love!
and it was warm outside today!

life is dang good.

i'm so happy.

i hope you are happy too.

do you know what makes me happy?

blue skies.

i haven't seen those in months!!

on my walk home from schoolio.
via iPhone-ular.
pay no attention that i look like a drunken sailor.


Meisha Marie said...

Thats funny that you are boycotting winter by not wearing a coat. I am doing the same thing but by wearing sandles!!!

Gotta love Cache Valley!

brittany barney said...

i lovvvvvvvvve blue skies. and blue cardigans. and blue jeans. pretty much i like your cute outfit:) and i like you!
happy day!

Dayna said...

A drunken sailor! Bah ha ha ha ha! I love you.

siovhan said...

i love those shoes. in fact, i think i might have those shoes. you're such a gorgeous girl! i'm so glad there were blue skies in your world today. :)

Kara Lynn said...

I've been boycotting too--no coat and flip flops. It's cold!! :-) But it has started to warm up so I am convinced it's working.

marierin said...

looove your cardi. super cute.

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

I actually love that picture of you! And I love this post!