dear lincoln,

i miss you.

like, a lot.

i can't wait until this whole long distance thing is over.
3 more weeks.

then we can see each other every single day.
how different will that be?

right now it kind of feels like we live two different lives, don't you think?

it's going to be so wonderful to come home from school/work and see you.

that's the first thing i'll do!  see you!

such a simple thing.

but i can't wait.

i'm sitting here looking at pictures of us together and it makes me realize how much i miss you during the week.
i see the pictures of us smiling and looking at each other
and it makes me miss seeing that smile in real life.

i know it's cheesy,
but it's true.

you have a great smile.
you smiling is the first snap shot i have of you in my head of when we first met.

i hope i always remember that picture in my head.
it's my favorite one of you.

tomorrow is friday which means we will finally be together again for a short 2 1/2 days.

i just really like being with you.
did you know that?
even if we don't do anything.

you are great company, mister.

and i really really love you.

have a wonderful thursday.

see you tomorrow.



tifsong said...

you're fantastic. and so is the love you share with that handsome man you're about to marry. seriously. glorious.

Lindsay Kay said...

Are you going to be done with work in Logan in 3 weeks as well?! :O Go Jalene! Go graduate!

Kara Lynn said...

I am so excited for you :-) Only three more weeks to go sounds pretty good after how long you have been waiting!! Congrats to both of you!