definitely, yes.

i have a lot to learn in this life.

i'm far from perfect. just in case you were wondering.

and one imperfection i have is being more of a pessimist than and optimist.

i’m really trying not to be a pessimist, i promise.

do you know something great about lincoln?

he is definitely an optimist.

he never complains.
well, maybe he occasionally complains about a teacher, but who doesn't?

other than that... he is mister positivity all of the time.

i'm a complainer.
definitely a complainer.

"my arm hurts... my back hurts... i have a headache... i'm hungry... i'm cold... i'm hot... i'm tired... ughhh, i hate school... i live too far away... it's too hard! (i say this one a lot)...blah, blah, blah."

i even annoy myself!

and i hate that i'm a complainer.

this is one of things i hope to learn from lincoln through the years.

how to become a optimist.

i'm working on it.

so i apologize for my lame ornery post yesterday.

do you know why blogging is so great?

people remind me how blessed i am even when i'm being a complete girl.

girls are a strange species...

well, i probably shouldn't generalize that.

i, jalene, am a strange species.

sorry, linc.

at least he loves me despite my craziness.

do you know what other great quality he has?

he is level headed. which i think most guys are... but i definitely need a level headed guy.

i have a feeling he's going to teach me that too.

he also is very good at loving everyone. people flock to him, and they just adore him.

it's really quite remarkable to watch.

i'm so lucky because i get to love him the most.  muahaha!

i hope he can teach me how to love everyone too.

he's also really patient.

especially with me.

i love him for that.

oh!  and you know what else??

lincoln never procrastinates.
and i am the world's biggest.

he gets things done way ahead of time.
i wait until the last minute.

maybe that's why he's a lot less stressed than me. 

he's going to teach that to me too.

how to not be a procrastinator.

anyway, thanks for your kind words despite my ornery-ness yesterday.

you help me see perspectives i tend to forget.

and i'm just glad i have someone like to lincoln to compliment me.

i'm definitely marrying someone better than me.


xoxoKrysten said...

Man. I could have written this post!

krista said...

i am a complainer too. i wish i could be more positive. just today i blogged about how much i hate snow...it just looks so bleak outside...

Anonymous said...

I love you, Jalene. We all get ornery (I hate the way that's spelled) every once in a while, you're not alone. Without the bitter we could not know the sweet and that is the best thing about trials. Here's to the next couple of months going by really fast and as smoothly as possible and lots of happy moments from here to June 5th and beyond :)

P.S. Thanks for your sweet commentations on my blog. I've missed you :)

kristin said...

i know the feeling. i feel the same way about me and kenny. he never complains about stuff and i do ALL THE TIME. i really need to just stop it--definitely one of my worst qualities!

brittany barney said...

im right there with you sister. but actually, youre pretty good yourself. thats why this amazing guy is marrying you.

Elizabeth said...

Oh well at least you annoy yourself. That's the first step to recovery! :)

@llison said...

haha this made me smile the whole time, because my boy is the same way as lincoln! and im more along the lines of YOU! from the beginning, my boy told me "i'm going to make you an optimist" and he's really trying! i'm trying too, but its so easy to slip back to my old ways.

procrastination, though? i dont think ill ever conquer that.

Nik and Dawna said...

You are GREAT and will learn a lot! The past 10 months of being married to Nik has definitely made me less of a Worry Wart! I am more laid back now because he is and it rubs off.
I am excited for you to experience the joys of married life and to learn and grow! You are so awesome and i love following your blog!
<3 Dawna