just a bit of general education for you all:

if you accidentally drop an entire pizza on the oven door and it slides down and touches the red hot coils at the bottom of the oven, it will indeed catch the pizza, as well as the coils, on fire.

freaking out will get you no where.  and the fire will continue to burn.

eliminating contact with pizza and coils will stop the fire on the coils, but the pizza will continue to burn.

pat pizza with spatula and the fire will extinguish. 

everything is O.K.
no need to worry. 

your apartment didn't almost burn down.

i may or may not have just learned this from experience.

man, bad day for destructive forces.


Megan said...

Hahahaha. BEST.

Cat said...

that's scary! :( so much for that. good thing you put it out!

Robby Spratt said...

I had a similar experience once when I was trying to broil bacon on the upper oven rack. The splattering grease from the sizzling bacon caught on fire, and flames erupted from my oven when I opened the door! Flames from the oven are scary!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Oh dear! Good thing it wasn't a grease fire. My sister had one of those at her house and she had to carry a flaming pan out to the snow to get it out. Freaky! How was the pizza? ;) jk

kristin said...

HA ha ha. :) i'm totally picturing that scene and it's funny. but scary. but more funny than scary now that it turned out okay.

J said...

Glad everything's okay though and your apartment didn't catch on fire. Ours kind of did that a couple days ago when we were experimenting with making pizzas. It set off our smoke alarms and smelled like burnt pizza, but that's the fun of experiences :)

Brittany said...

dah! sadly, i do stuff like this all the time. glad all ended well.