did you feel it?

so there totally was an earthquake just now.

i didn't feel it.

but lincoln did
and so did my co-workers

and the rest of utah.



my first earthquake.

and i didn't even feel it.


Anonymous said...

I felt it here on campus. Kind of scary being in these old buildings!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Woah. Creepy.

Steph Romney said...

No joke! Totally taking the stupid CILs and instead of fearing for my life, I fear that my work will be erased so I saved it a billion times. It was scary.

the mrs. said...

Ha ha I just wrote a post on this earthquake. I felt it, and ignored it, and then let it scare me to death. my blog is ryanandkelliecrandall.blogspot.com


Cat said...

same thing happens where i live all the time, but not often to that magnitude! the good thing is that it's scarier to feel it than to know it happened, so lucky you missed it. they're very strange... that's scary.