harry potter.

the other day lincoln and i were driving someplace and i turned to him and said,

"do you know what musical out of ALL the musicals i would just love to be cast in?"

he guessed a few... with no success.

so i said,

"i'll give you a hint... it starts with an H..."

his immediate response,


first, i have to give him credit for knowing how obsessed i am with Harry Potter
but, sadly, Harry Potter is NOT a musical.

good guess, hun.

answer:  Hairspray

so great, don't you think?

i just love that musical.

anyway, back to Harry Potter.

every night i usually read some pages of some novel before i drift off to sleep.

lately, i've been re-reading the 7th book of Harry Potter.

i wanted to re-read it considering i read it the first time in about 12 hours.

i think it's pretty cool that i'm a senior in college and i still love reading harry potter.

i just love it.

for all you HP fans out there, i'm at the part of the big battle in Hogwarts.
the first time i read it, i cried through the last 100 pages.
did you?

gosh.  so great.  i wish it wasn't over.

(lincoln has never read the books.  shame!!)

does anyone know when the movie comes out? 


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oh honey... you need to make him read them! When my hubby and I first started dating I told him he HAD to read them. At that time the 6th book had just come out. And he totally read all of them, including the 7th when it came out.

And yes, I totally bawled my eyes out around the last 100 pages of the 7th book.

Eek! Harry Potter!

Anonymous said...

HAHA! That's so funny. I WISH Harry Potter was a musical, but they'd totally slaughter it and I'd probably hate it...so...

Another funny thing, I'M reading HP7 right now, too and am also at the Hogwarts Battle. He's talking to the Grey Lady about the Lost Diadem! BAH! So exciting!

Can we please go see the 7th movies together? Midnight showing! Whoop! Whoop! I don't know when it comes out, but I honestly can't wait. Long live, Pottah! :)

Brittany said...


can't even wait. i think i will love hp forever too. i think i cried through the last two books because i knew my childhood was ending. but yes, the last 100 pages as well.

Steve and Audrey said...

oh man, that book came out when we were working together! i think i read it at work :). but before i did, everyone was in the green room for birdie talking about it and i had to let my brother read it first so i couldn't hang out with anyone till i had read it! so lame! haha oh the memories...

Megan said...

That battle is so INSANE. My very favorite part (perhaps of the whole series) is when Bellatrix and Ginny are dueling, and then Mrs. Weasley runs up and screams, "NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU B****" and then kills her.

Best. Part. Ever.

Chelsea Roeber said...

I just love love love Harry Potter...everything about the books and the movies! Thank you J.K. Rowling for being so inspired to create such a great story with fantastic characters! :)

Ash said...

everyone's dream come true: there IS a harry potter musical.

watch it and laugh your head off.


man, i want to go to hogwarts.

erin elder said...

I seriously can't wait to see how they translate the battle scene in the movie. I was VERY impressed with the Horcrux scene from the Half Blood Prince...

I hear the next HP movie will be out in November, but do remember, they split the 7th book into two movies, so we probably won't see the battle scene until the second movie...

just sayin ... can you tell i love Harry Potter too?

Michelle said...

I was terribly nostalgic at the last book midnight release. Yes I went those, sometimes you can't wait an extra few hours, y'know what I mean?

I reread the seventh one about a year ago because I read it about as quick as you. SOOO good. Totally making my kids read them some day. I mean, give them the opportunity to ;)

Chess said...

I bawled. Sobbed. Wailed.

Sidenote: I saw this kid at stake conf. on Saturday. He was wearing a long black cloak thing. I automatically envisioned him with a wand in his hand, shouting out, "Alohomora!" So irreverent. :-)

Florencia Gonzalez said...

aaaah. i love love love love harry potter. ha.
such amazing reads.
i too wish it was not over!

Cat said...

i completely sobbed through that entire part. and you're never too old or too young for harry potter :)

katrina said...

rumor has it that jk rowling is writing a prequel series about lily and james at hogwarts.

true or not? i dont know. but ohhh how i hope its true.

i too cried my eyes out in the seventh book.

its just SO GOOD.

whimsy said...

love love love HP. and a small, ok large part of me still loves Ron Weasley. and yes, very sad. oh and honey, i will be your wedding planner, no charge! id love to help with anything!

Kara Lynn said...

I looooove Harry Potter :-) I borrowed the books when I read them though and I really need to go buy them. I found a collectors set of all the books online for like $120! My fiance makes so much fun. He is just jealous that I have a crush on Harry P. :-)