i have 43 tabs open on my browser right now.

true story.

this is what happens when you are wedding planning
and writing a research paper.

multi-tasking at it's best.

i thought about opening a new window.
but that would just take too long.

back to studying.


Robby Spratt said...

I do that too, only I have one window per category. One window with many tabs for the paper, another window with many tabs for the project, etc. I also like to throw in a window with tabs of my personal stuff, you know like Facebook, and my blog, email, and others.

ashley said...

OMG i love that. lol. my husband thinks i'm crazy when mine gets up to twenty or so.

Shanley said...

you're kind of fabulous. i love reading your blog. love your sense of humor.

siovhan said...

that sounds like me at work. no bueno. but happy planning and best wishes on the studying!

Brittany said...

you're great. so you'll do great. good luck lady!

whimsy said...

hahah. i love it. you are so good at multi tasking! is it weird to say that i miss you? hahah cuz i kinda feel like i do! haven't chatted with you in a while. hope all is well. and seriously. let me help you with you wedding. sans any pay of course!