Money Monday #3

hello, all.

how are you on this lovely monday?
i am busy.
busy busy busy.

i have a lot to do this week.
and i'm just a little bit stressed.
but it will all be okay come saturday.
the last week of class is called "dead week," but it's more like "cram-all-the-big-projects-and-presentations-in week."

i wanted to start out by telling you last part of my redbox story.

remember how the guy told me to call back in a week to find out what they decided?
so i waited... and called back saturday.  this time the lady pulled up my case and had no information about whether or not they received my fax (my statement with the initial charge) and whether or not they were working on resolving the information.
she told me the same exact things as the other representatives had.  i told her i wanted the other $15.98 refunded because i returned the DVD.  she said she would rebate it for me (FINALLY!) and then told me i should check my emails they send out and call if there is a problem.
yes, she is correct.
but honestly, i have A LOT more things to worry about than sifting through an old email's junk mail folder for redbox emails.
i trusted that they received the DVD when i was charge the $1.07 initially.
i kindly informed her i wouldn't have to worry about checking my email from redbox ever again because i would no longer be renting from them.... ever again!
and then i filled out their customer service survey they sent me.
and that was that.

thanks for all your recommendations on netflix.  i think i'm going to try it out.

back to our scheduled programming...

next week.

sorry, folks.  that's all i have time for today.


Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Well, at least they eventually refunded you the money. You sound exactly like me - I totally would have filled out a survey too. My hubby always says that I'm mean about stuff like that but when a company has done wrong they deserve to know about it.

I hope you like Netflix. We've had it for almost a year and totally love it.

Shawntae said...

netflix is seriously the best!! You can watch dvd's on your computer or rent anything and you never have to return it by a certain time!! It saved my booty while I was on bed rest when I was preggers!! Dooo it. Once you do it you'll never ever go back!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I can't believe they were even going to TRY and keep your money and the returned DVD... lame.
I am happy they finally gave it to you!

aukergirl said...

I had a friend who had the same problem with redbox.
They were also charged $25 for a movie they knew they had returned.

What happened is they didn't put the dvd back in the machine correctly. So, while the machine took it at first, it eventually spit it back out (after they had walked away).

Apparently, this is a pretty common mistake and you just have to wait around until, the machine "thanks" you for returning the DVD.

I don't know if this is what happened to you, but I thought if was worth sharing.