oh, hello.


these last few days just flew by in a whirldwind of craziness.

working two ten hour shifts,

driving around the wasatch front,

7 page paper,

and photographing a wedding yesterday in the rain and wind.

i just want to go sleep for about a whole day.

i'm exhausted.

but first let me tell you about my most wonderful assistant.

his name is lincoln.
and he is also my fiance.
he came with me yesterday on the shoot and held all my bags, phone and keys, umbrellas, etc.
(i wish i would've gotten a photo of him.  classic.)
he blocked the wind and side-ways rain with a big umbrella.
he drove me places and calmed me when i was frustrated at costco.
and he froze right along with me and the rest of the wedding party.
man, it was cold.
when it was all over he let me lean on him and i believed for the first time in my life that it was possible to fall asleep while standing. 

i was that tired.

he's the best assistant ever.
i love my assistant.

plus, i get to kiss him.



Jessica Leigh said...

cute cute cute.

that is all :)

krista said...

Lucky lucky girl! ;) I'm so happy for you!

krista said...

Lucky lucky girl! ;) I'm so happy for you!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Very cute =-)