news flash: i'm a jerk!

yesterday and today turned into a double dose of bad days.

i think the biggest contributor to my mood was this huge horrendous paper that consumed all of my brain power.

now it's over and turned in.

but some how this paper made me lose all filtering systems
and i kind of took out my frustrations on the computer lab worker this morning.

and now i feel really bad.
what i was thinking wasn't supposed to come out of my mouth, but it did.
and she didn't need to hear it.

i have this terrible flaw when i get stressed.
every   little   thing sets me off.

it started with the internet not working in my apartment,
so i had to drive up to the library on campus,
then the boy who sat across the table from me tapped his foot for two hours straight,
then my printer decided to quit working,
then i had to pay for prints on campus,
which didn't print correctly,
but i still had to pay for them,

and this was the result of the words coming out of my mouth before i had a chance to filter.

now i feel like a big fat jerk.

gosh, i really need to work on the whole stress thing.

i went back and apologized.  luckily she was still there.

i feel better now.


Kara Lynn said...

Maybe you could take her some candy and apologize. Everyone loves candy. And it would make you feel better!! But, you are not a jerk! Everyone just has bad days. Only two and a half weeks left, the closer it gets the more you will anticipate it and be excited. Which makes days seem longer and more stressful!

xoxoKrysten said...

I find that Oreos do wonders for a bad day.

Megan said...

Haha. I'm DYING to know what you said.

communikate. said...

stress does awful things to us.. i'm sure that computer lab person understands.

hang in there girl! you're almost done with all this stress of wedding planning and school. boo ya!!

Anonymous said...

Good job, Jalene. The best thing is that you never try to justify your actions when you "do something wrong." I know what it's like to be the computer lab worker (cause I am one) and I know what it's like to be frustrated at people (cause I do that). The important thing is that you learn from it and go back and apologize. That is awesome and I'm proud of you. In terms of stress, try yoga. Not even kidding. LOVE it.

whimsy said...

once again, go get yourself some gushers. i could really use some right now. and don't worry, it'll get better. and way to go for apologizing. im sure that was annoying to go all the way back up there, but i bet that just taught her a lot and made her day. seriously. so its not so bad.

Shanley said...

yeah, i hate it when i do that. especially to my boyfriend. suuuuuuuck.

Michelle said...

I'm glad she was still there! Nothing worse than knowing you can't tell someone you are sorry!

....And I totally would have been freaking out... probably if I wasn't even stressed. I hate when my technology doesn't work all the time....