leaps, thank yous, and countdowns.

remember how i was going to adopt all those great qualities that my future husband possesses

well, i want you to know that i'm rocking at getting things done ahead of time and not procrastinating them until last minute. 

and my life feels a whole lot easier. 

i've been getting assignments done that aren't due until friday and monday.

and let me tell you, that is one giant leap for jalene.

i want to thank all of you that sent me money monday questions this week.
i got a HUGE response and i'm really excited about that.

i might have to combine some questions, otherwise it'll be months before they all get answered.

i'm glad that all of you are interested, because this is really going to help me prepare for my internship experience this summer. 

consider this a big fat thank you!

and here are some count downs for you.  if you really care.
but i think they are pretty darn exciting.

in one week i will be photographing a wedding.
in two weeks i will be done with attending classes.
in three weeks i will be finals free for the rest. of. my. life.
in three weeks i will be attending graduation.
in three weeks i will also be moving within a few miles of lincoln and no longer be living 80+ miles away from him.
in seven weeks and two days i will be getting married!!!


Laura said...

That's a WHOLE lot of looking forward you've got going on! I'm glad :D

xoxoKrysten said...

You have tons of wonderful things coming up very soon. That's so exciting!