ticking time bomb.


we are 24 days away from the wedding, people.

and i'm kind of starting to stress.


more like freak out.

at night i remember all these things i still have to do and i don't really know how to get them all done.

i've been so focused on school and finals and finding a job and moving for the past two weeks, that i haven't thought about the wedding hardly at all.

plus, all my possessions are still packed in boxes and i have no idea where anything is.  and i can't find a single free day to get organized.

being disorganized severely stresses me out.  i can't think or accomplish anything.

holy moly, i'm stressed.
sometimes i sit there and wonder what i ever thought about before the wedding.  i honestly can't remember.  it's been that long.

i once learned in my marriage and family class that some of life's top stressors are
marriage, change in work, begin or end school, and change in living conditions.

i am currently participating in all the above.

but look on the bright side... at least i'm not dealing with "jail or imprisonment," which also happens to be one of the top stressors. 

24 days.

i hope it stops raining by then.  it's been raining for days around these parts.  oh, and snowing too.


so i have to brag a little... because i'm quite proud of myself.
i got my final grades back today.

i say that's pretty darn good for taking 21 credit hours, working 30 hours a week, planning a wedding, and living 80 miles away from my fiance.  pretty darn.

the B kind of put a damper on it.  but it was probably the hardest class i've ever taken.  and she doesn't give out A's.  i've only known one person in the entire history of the world to get an A out of her class.  so i'm fine with a B.

but yeah, baby!  i'm pretty proud of myself. 


okay, i need sleep.
i don't want to be a baggy-eyed bride!


Kera said...

cute and smart. i like it.

Chess said...

Congratulations! Those grades are great! And... everything will work out. :-)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Way to go on your grades!

And with everything else... just take deep breathes. It'll get done!

Cole said...

Sounds like you need a few hours of de-stress time. Get a massage, nails done, lunch with a friend, something for you. Try not to stress because this is some of the most exciting times of your life. Enjoy it! :)

Steve and Audrey said...

congrats on graduating! all the hardest stuff is behind you! holy moly babe i don't know how you do everything you do. you will totally make it to the wedding and everything will be amazing! and your day will be perfect no matter what little glitches may happen (they always do). just love the experience!!! it only happens once!!! love you babe! :)

Robby Spratt said...

Those grades are pretty awesome! For some reason when I first glanced at the post I thought you said that you had less than 24 hours left! I was briefly confused and thought I had spaced out for a month, until I actual read the post. Good luck!

katrina said...

that is seriously impressive. i didnt even go to spring semester because i knew i would be a total wreck. i was anyway. haha.

communikate. said...

awesome grades lady! i'm uber impressed!

Anonymous said...

Don't get too stressed out. enjoy planning the rest of the wedding- it will soon be over! So enjoy every day...

Amanda Bolton said...

Good luck with everything! My husband and I got married last week so I know they stress you are under. We got engaged and decided to wait til he got back from his summer job to get married and then we changed our minds and decided to go together. We had 33 days to plan the wedding plus I had finals and had to pack everything to move to Virginia. It was stressful but it can be done! Hopefully everything calms down for you :) Good luck!

Sam said...

wow, you did amazing! I didn't do as well as you did my dear and I only took 12 hours. But at least I'm done for good :)

I hope things begin to calm down now that school is over and I can't wait to see wedding pics !