haven't seen you in a while.

oh hi.


miss me?

i just barely caught up on reading the almost 300 posts backed up on my google reader. 

busy week.

did you know i only have 19 days until i'm married to mister lincster?

that's kind of crazy to me.
i still kind of can't make sense of it.

i feel like we have a lot to do, but i don't know exactly what that is.
my life is still in boxes, so i'm confused most of the time.

have i mentioned how great it is to lincoln every single day?
it's probably the best thing ever.

my emotional breakdowns mid-week have been few and far between.

we had our bridal/groomal shoot on thursday.
we did the whole "first look" thing with lincoln and it was very sweet.
we lucked out on weather and location.
and it was absolute perfection.
i can't wait to see the photographs.

it was mucho amounts of fun.
i liked seeing my man in his very handsome wedding attire.
he's probably the handsomest groom ever.
yep, he is.

i also photographed a beautiful wedding yesterday.
it was so fun.

and today i laid around the entire day.
it was a very lazy day.

i'm tired.

don't get bored of me in these last few weeks of wedding preparation.
i promise you'll want to stick around to see how it all turned out.

well, that is if i get it all done in time.

19 days...



Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see pictures!!

Sheri said...

Wow very busy indeed! Can't wait to see the pictures too!

7upkels said...

Jalene!!! 19 days?!?! Although, I guess today would make it 18. So excited for you!

whimsy said...

can not wait! let me know what i can do to help! missed you!