so today i was on round II of sorting through pictures. 

now i have to show you some of me when i was little.

for some reason i have a PLETHORA of photos from the age of 3 and 4.  i think it had to be my cutest age or something.

i think i was about 1-2 years old here.

"hi," waves me.
"are my overalls on backwards?" thinks me.
dad with a glass of caffeine free pepsi in his hand.  always.

i always loved easter.

i love this one.  my and my best friend growing up, Melaina.  we did everything together.  i'm surprised we aren't wearing matching outfits, honestly.  

sometimes i miss being a kid.  i had the best childhood.  

so fun.

i must say, i was a darn cute kid.

what happened?


whimsy said...

oh dear you were soooo cute! i love it. i was seriously not a cute kid. and i love how cute jacob was in our video! cant wait for yours!

Natalie&Brad said...

Oh my goodness. so cute. Malaina!! how in the world is she doing? Do you still talk with her??

Melaina and Ben said...

OH MY HECK!!!! I so want a copy of that picture please! You will always be my best friend no matter what girl!! I love you!!! I am so happy for you and Lincoln!! Our hair and outfits freakin ROCK! :)

Jon said...

You just grew up to become a beautiful woman!

Lindsay Kay said...

Oh. Brother. Don't give me that, "What happened" crap. Love these pictures! I thought I had seen EVERY little Jalene picture from making your b-day video...but I was wrong :)

Brittany said...

you've been adorable your entire life, i just knew it. and you are so gorgeous now! i love old photos like these.

Blair and Brenda said...

You were a really cute little girl. I also think you are cute now. You, Justin, T.J. and Melaina were so funny growing up.