tonight was a good night.

this evening, i was sitting next to my lincoln sorting through pictures of us during our childhoods to put on our wedding video when i came across this picture (again) and decided i needed to post it. 

it's probably the most hilarious photo of lincoln.  ever.

i love it. 

if you can't tell he has is using his undies as holsters for his (broken) golf club and gun.
he also makes sure to salute the camera.

so great.

this is another awesome one.

he's just the best.

one thing you should know about lincoln is that he DOES NOT like to be tickled.

but if you catch him in the right mood and start tickling him he will scream and talk exactly like GINGY from SHREK.

tonight i caught him in one of those moods and i was laughing so hard i couldn't breathe.

it was a much needed great moment between us amidst the stress that has been the last few days.


i love.



aukergirl said...

Those pictures are hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! That second picture is AWESOME! & the Gingy thing made me laugh as well. Ah man, you two have an entertaining eternity to look forward to! :)

marierin said...

I love this. Hilarious. Adorable. I want this. I want to be in love. Well... I want someone to be in love with me.

communikate. said...


you guys are going to make cute babies!

whimsy said...

oh so darling!!! i love baby pics!