so long, farewell.

on tuesday we say goodbye to 4 members of lincoln's family for 3 years.

if any of you read c-jane's post, you can get an idea of what we are going through as well.

lincoln's parents (and his two youngest brothers) will be leaving to oklahoma city to serve as mission presidents.  

they told us this back in january, so we've had a good six months to prepare for it,

but we are still feeling very sad to see them leave.

we love them so much.
and will miss them.

but luckily we can visit.

that's partly why i've been MIA from this blog.

life is just SUPER busy right now.

my sister-in-law, leah, and i could argue you that we have THE BEST in-laws in the entire world.

oh man.  *sniff*

those missionaries in Oklahoma are so lucky.

bye, family.

we love you!


Ashley said...

Hope they're ready for some heat! We have really, really hot and humid weather here. Our heat index has been above 100 the last few weeks which is too hot for this time of year's normal average.

7upkels said...

that is so exciting (for them)! i know what it's like to have to say goodbye to family for a long time, and it's always hard, but when they're doing it for the Church, it makes it just a tiny bit easier!

cache and lindsey said...

No way! Oklahoma City, that is in our temple district, that is the temple we go to. However the Tulsa mission is what covers Fayetteville. How exciting!

Megan said...

The Oklahoma City Temple is the temple I go to! Pretty sure we're in their mission area (even though we don't live in OK). Great mission and I've met so many great missionaries! How exciting for your family!