the thoughts that came to mind as i sit here at my kitchen table.

this blog is need of a make-over.
a really really much needed make-over.

but when does one have time to do a blog make-over when she basically works 3 jobs?
(regular job, internship, and photography)

speaking of photography, my photo-blog is in need of a much needed make-over as well.

luckily people are still hiring me even after they look at that dreadful thing.  (thank you clients!!)

did i mention internships are hard?

last week i worked about 53 hours between the first two jobs listed above.  it was hard.
and the husband works 2 jobs.

we basically are pooped.  all the time, all the time, all the time.

i even had a dream last night that i decided to take on two more jobs.  (orbit irrigation-former employment, and lagoon-local theme part).

apparently my subconscious thinks i have more time to do such things.

how does one organize a kitchen?
i've been staring at boxes for weeks, because i just don't know what to do with all of it.

i wish i could hire my own personal organizer.  that would be the coolest.

did i mention that our apartment smells?  not everywhere.  just in certain select places.  and i can't identify the source.  by the way... it's a BAD smell.

my friend whitney gave me some great suggestions (fabreeze and wall plug ins from bath and body works) which helped immensely!.... until this morning.

you see, we have this "mud room" area.  door to the outside and door to the inside.  it has carpet.  and smells like an old musky basement... which is exactly where we live... so that explains it.

you'll be surprised to know that i do not like that smell.  i have to hold my breath every time i come into the house.

so the fabreeze and wall plug ins helped...

but this morning the smell had overpowered the products.  the smell of something dead... some drain backed up.... i do NOT even know!!

i need your help people.  how in the WORLD do i get rid of it??!
any ideas would be GRRREEEEAAATTT!!!

so that is that.  and this is this. 
my thoughts that came as i sit here at my kitchen table.


kara lynn said...

we had something stinky in our garbage can under our sink we hardly use. and check in place like like. i admit we have had some stinky dead mice in random places we have found during the winter.

good luck--really... hope you find the source asap!

Bekah: said...

I am a major smell natzi and here is what works for me:

Generously sprinkle baking soda EVERYWHERE in the area that smells. Let it settle for hours, days even, and then vaccumn it up. Also you can fill a decorative dish or bowl wuth it and place it in the area to absorb the smell. Change the baking soda out every few days. I put baking soda in the bottoms of all my trash cans, the top of my toilet, in bowls in areas that are generally more musty. It works great if you change it regularly. I suggest a Costco sized bag of it, way cheaper. Another option is to leave bowls of white vinegar around to absorb the smell. It works like a charm if you can handle the vinegar scent. Wipe floors down with 1/3 vinegar to water solution and once it evaporates the vinegar smell and yucky smell will be gone. These obviously will not remove what is causing the smell but it will absorb the ordor instead of masking it.

bama said...

call a priest to banish the scent from the premises...

Heather said...

Ummm hi my greatest hobby is organizing and cleaning. Hi I am your new personal organizer :) lol

Kelsha said...

Clorox everything and anything you can justifiable dowse in that beautiful product.

Growing up we lived in a couple ..interesting places, but it never smelled because my mom would clorox the must and mold away.

CaLLie.ANN said...

I LOOOOVE to organize.
More than anything in the world.

You can hire me.
I won't even charge you that much.
Maybe 5.00 an hour. :)

Mandy said...

It might actually be something dead. I had a mouse die in my wall once and it was TERRIBLE. Like, unbearable smell. Talk to your landlords, that's pretty unacceptable.

Robby Spratt said...

Have you checked for mold?

Jessie said...

Jalene! I seriously love love love your blog! You are so funny and you seem so very happy! Congrats on the marriage! You guys are a perfect pair! Hope you figure out the smell bad ordeal! :)

jasmine said...

fabreeze and wall plug-ins are just going to mask the smell. you need to do the baking soda thing as bekah suggested above. is it cat pee? whatever it is, if you can find the source on the carpet (if it's just spots and not the whole thing), you can try using watered down bleach to scrub it up with. we had a cat pee spot in our bedroom when we moved in (NASTY...not our cats, btw. they don't do stuff like that.), and levi got it out with a bleach solution. it took several times, but it's gone now. good luck!!! icky smells that won't go away are the WORST. (p.s. bleach works for mold too.)