i belt along with these songs in my car every day.

i love.  i love.  i love.

especially the key change in don't stop believing.  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh magical music!

i wish i could sing like rachel.  or santana.



7upkels said...

confession: i cried during the season finale of glee.

obsessed with this show.

Amberly said...

Who doesn't sing along to all these songs?!? They're the best to rock out to of any out there!!!

jasmine said...

my favorite was rachel and her mom's rendition of poker face. i cry my eyes out every time i watch it or hear it...and i don't even really like lady gaga.

i can't wait 'til the second season starts!!!

Brittany said...

i listen to glee every morning on my way to work. i never get sick of it. obsessed?

Jessica Leigh said...

september 21

the end.

Chess said...

You are not alone. I posted this very video this morning, haha! Great minds think alike, I guess. :-)

Toni Tralala said...

Glee is an amazing show! I can't wait to see the new season! :)

Anonymous said...

Man! They so cool!

Mike and Sarah said...

I wish Santana got more singing time. And I really, really loved this finale. And I think I've listened to music from Glee on repeat for way too long. Love it.