one year.

today is the day, one year ago, that lincoln and i had our very first date.

you can read about that date here.

lincoln sent me this text this morning...
and you may wonder why he would text this to me instead of just rolling over and saying it to me.

well, that is because i had to stay over night for school.  sad face.

cute huh?

yes, we kissed on our first date.

don't judge us.

one year.  
now we's be married and stuff.

it's funny to think about how we acted on that first date... so shy and reserved.

now we are just plain obnoxious around each other.

lincoln said he has a surprise date for me tonight!


i luda that boy a lot!  
you know this.

happy first date-versary to us!

we're special.


Anonymous said...

I likes yous guysis.

kara lynn said...


ha this post was so very cute!!

Brittany said...

i reread your first date post. i loved it again.

congrats jalene! i love that you are so happy.

Shanna and Chris Purdie said...

Cute cute post! Love it.

Whitney said...

yay! I love you people!! So perfectly matched for each other!

whimsy said...

love it. happy day to you!!! you two are darling, were you each others first kiss???