it helps us stay cool in this weather.

this is what we've been living on for the last few weeks.

otter pops.

every wonder why they are called otter pops?

and don't worry parents... it's not ALL we eat.

for the record, lincoln eats about 5 more than me per day.


Greg and Vanessa said...

hah! funny pictures. i haven't had one of those since i was a kid.

ps. i love your comment form. i might have to steal your message on it. ;)


Cole said...

love them! I wrote a post about otter pops a few months ago too. We're addicted to them in my house.

misty star said...

you guys are super cute!

Mike and Sarah said...

I think Mike could live off of them. He eats them by the chain!

andrea said...

Otter pops ARE the best!

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

Ha ha otter pops are so addicting! I LOVE them! Your last two lines are hilarious! So funny! Your posts are so awesome!

Heather said...

LOOOVE IT! Jordan and I have a new blog. Check it out. www.thejuarezreport.com

Have a great weeeek! :)

- heather

H&J Juarez said...

I love it. :) Jordan and I have a new blogggg. Check it. www.thejuarezreport.com