hello, blogging world.

i'm still here.

lincoln says to me, "you haven't blogged since tuesday."
me says, "really?!"

i was planning on blogging on friday.  and also planned on getting a lot of stuff done.

but then i decided that i would much rather have some human interaction, which i have lacked much of in the last few months.

i visited beck (nephew) and leah (sister-in-law) first.

i can't get enough of this kid.

here, you can see why.

gah!  did your heart melt??

and then i visited my friend, lacie.  she had little McKenzie two months early.  (right before our wedding).  i haven't had a chance to go see her yet.  she's now what a newborn usually weighs.  i can't even imagine how tiny she was when she was born (2 lbs. 13 oz.!) because she looked SO tiny to me on friday.

then on sunday, we visited some of lincoln's family and met some of the newest additions--twins.  (twins!)

looking back on the weekend, it was full of babies babies babies!

and just for the record, i am DEFINITELY NOT hungry for one.



Walkers said...

Love your blog! So cute!

Walkers said...

Love your Blog! Its so cute!!

Lindsay Kay said...

There's nothing wrong with being baby hungry, Jalene.

communikate. said...

Oh hello back!

You've already been married TWO months? Wow.. where did the time go?

Beautiful babies.. You've got plenty of time. Don't let people tell you you're baby hungry! :)

Chase and Leah said...

It was so fun to have you visit! My my my, I agree...that little Beck sure is cute!

Mandy said...

How can you not be baby hungry after looking at those cuties! You can want one without having one :) ...

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

Babies are the best! I love the Beck pictures! I just want to squeeze him! You are very talented!