no place like home.

we are back from our vacation in mexico!

where did we go exactly?  
playa del carmen... south of cancun.

sorry no posting last week... i just couldn't justify spending $20 a day for internet access.  boo.

besides, i think it was good for me to leave the blog, the facebook, the emails, the phone calls, the texts, the driving, the working, the schooling... all tucked away for a week.

it was really refreshing actually.

mexico humidity, however, is not so refreshing.  i'm glad to be back to my dry desert air where i can actually breathe!

we had a lot of fun with lincoln's friends he met while serving a two year mission in Poland.  there were 10 of us... his four friends and their wives.

meet them:
mitch & serretta

katie & roo

chris & jamie

chase & tamari

and of course:


and here is our trip documented.

i decided i'm not a very good vacation photographer.  i need to work on this.

also there are about a million pictures of lincoln... and not any one else... including me.

so i'm warning you.  
this is basically a documentation of lincoln on vacation.  

day one: 
we spent the day at the resort pool (most gigantic one i've ever seen) and beach.  we got royally fried.  sunburned.  to the core.  that mexican sun is a beast.  i spent the rest of the week nursing said sunburn and losing a lot of sleep.

but the beach?  so pretty, yes?

and my most favorite photo from the trip:

isn't that just the best?

day two: 
mayan ruins.  and cenotes caves.

 the boys                                                                       the girls

 apparently the mayans liked to play tic-tac-toe.

lincoln's feelings on hot humid air.
we like our dry desert heat. 

then the cenotes.  underwater caves.

really cool.  lincoln loved it.  i, on the other hand, got a little freaked out with all the deep dark water, lack of life jacket, and looming caves above my head... which were also covered in bats.

really cool.  but also freaky.

my handsome husband:

we spent the next fews days just relaxing at the resort.  the boys played lots and lots of beach volleyball. 

check out the hops my husband has!  can you see him?  far right by the net.

result of beach volleyball:

sand.  everywhere!  husband leaked sand out of his eyes for days.

friday we took a ferry over to cozmel.  and snorkled.  i still need to get our underwater film developed.  those photos will come later.

on a side note...  here is a picture of us on the ferry.  it's funny because:

a) this is the most tan you will ever see me.  i don't tan.  i actually have a tan line in this photo.
b) lincoln is still a million times tanner than me.
c) see the red peeling stripe on my forehead?  i kept telling lincoln all week that i had cancer on my forehead.  it looked awful.

lincoln's favorite moment of the trip: feeding the parrot.
who knew?  so easily entertained.

after snorkeling we walked around the town.

and then we said goodbye to cozmel.

one thing i loved about our resort was the pier.  

seriously.  so picturesque.  

after all the sunburns, sand, countless uno matches, taxis rides,

we said adios to mehico.

vacation: much needed and accepted well.

now... back to reality.

oh.  and i'm shedding skin like none other.  it looks like i have a skin disease.


just wanted you to know.


andrea said...

what a fun vacation. :) ya know, for not being a "vacation photographer" you did a very good job! i loved all of them :) glad you had fun!

kylee said...

jalene. those pictures are beautiful. love every single one of them!

Meggera said...

Hey... I know Seretta! She was my visiting teaching companion when I lived in Provo... how fun! Looks like you guys had a blast, and I am jealous!

Jocelyn said...

awww, I love this post. My favorite picture is the one of your handsome hubby in front of the orange wall. I love that color! You are quite the photographer Jalene! I adore all the pictures, and I know what you mean about documenting trips. If you are the one holding the camera, it's hard to get in many of the pictures. BUT you did a lovely job. The trip looks amazing. :)


Krista & Tyler said...

i love your pictures :) i'm so happy you guys had a get-away! it looks breathtaking! I should just pack up and go!

kristin said...

how fun! your photos are beautiful and so colorful!

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about "not a good vacation photographer"? These are lovely! What fun! :)

Jamie said...

SO FUN & beautiful pictures. I WANT to go there someday and I WANT your camera, haha. What kind is it?!

Jamie said...

SO FUN & beautiful pictures. I WANT to go there someday and I WANT your camera, haha. What kind is it?!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos!

Emily Lou said...

okay, so. i'd like to point out two things concerning this blog post:
1.) i went to playa del carmen a few summers back with my family, too.
2.) we have the exact same white flip-flops.

i think we're soul sisters. and, i love your blog.

Anna said...

Somebody's husband is a hottie.

CAPow! said...

wow, gorgeous photos! that looks like an amazing trip!

whimsy said...

looks like a blast! and umm what are you talking about you're not a good vacation picture taker? you were awesome! i loved them, and umm im totally friends with tamari! i love her...so fun you got to spend a week with her.
oh and ps, ive also been to the same place, and the same ruins! so fun.