underwater photos

i got my underwater camera developed today.

the pictures didn't exactly turn out how i imagined them, but they are still kind of fun.

that's lincoln and i holding hands while snorkeling.  my fav.

that right there is a giant school of fish.

that's our friend, roo and his fish friend.

and those are my teeth!  and air bubbles.

i took a picture outside of the water to see how it would turn out.

it actually was the best photo on the whole roll!

now i kind of wish i would've walked around taking normal pictures with an underwater camera.

isn't that amazing??

i didn't do anything with it in photoshop.

not the best composition ever, but hey!  i like it.  a alot.

film is just magical like that.


Rohini said...

I love these
they are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

absolutely gorgeous! i have a photo of my hubby and i with masks on like that under water and it's framed on my desk! such fun photos!

Mandy said...

What kind of underwater cam do you use? Kevin's secret dream is to be an underwater photographer... not kidding. He is going to die when he sees these and realizes what pics we could have taken.

I hope your trip was amazing! It looks so fun.

Amanda said...

Beautiful! I've always wanted to try an underwater camera but never have.

That last photo should be framed...