our conversation over dinner.

we had pizza.

i said, "do you think if i punched you it would hurt?"

(disclaimer:  i would never ever punch my husband.  i am not violent.  just wondering if me being the small person i am could punch someone hard.  ya know, if i ever have to escape a kidnapper or something.)

he said, "well, it would probably hurt but i wouldn't be like OOOHHHH MAN!!  i guess if you punched me in the face it would hurt."

i said, "what about the arm?  with my left hand?"

he said, "nah, it probably wouldn't hurt."

moments pass.

he said, "are you going to eat that slice of pizza?'

i said, "um... can i have half."

"sure," he said and handed me the pizza slicer to divide it in two.

i proceed to slice said slice in two, but my efforts are hindered.

as i struggle he says, "just push really hard down on the crust,"

i push with all my might, my little arms start shaking and that pizza crust won't give.

"okay, maybe it wouldn't hurt if you punched me in the face," said he.

we laughed.  a lot.

the pizza confirmed our theory to be true.  i probably couldn't punch someone and have it hurt.

sometimes i wonder if we were videotaped if people would think we are crazy... we talk about the strangest things together.

and now you get to read about them.  here.

lucky you.


Greg and Vanessa said...

you're not the only couple who has conversations like that... nice to know i have company in that department ;)


andrea said...

Hahaha!!! Too funny! And ya know what...all of us love reading it. :)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! You guys could be a sitcom.