reasons why i love my husband.

today, he came home from school and did the dishes.

he let us get a kitty even though he really wanted a puppy.

he loves the kitty even though he's kind of allergic (no reactions yet, yay!)

he makes delicious pancakes.

he studies for school really well.

he memorizes lyrics to songs extremely fast.

he cleaned out the litter box.
he makes me laugh.

and because he's a major goof ball.

see photo.


Anonymous said...

Aw, cute. Good job, Lincoln. Look at my major hair flippage in this photo. Haha!

Brittany said...

pancakes are really important. but really.

you two are great :)

JMay said...

aww such a cute post :-)

abby said...

love this. what a happy picture.

H&J Juarez said...

CUTE! YOu are pretty amazing yourself! :)

- Heather

Mandy said...

Haha. I like this. I am allergic to cats too, but he must not be as bad if you got Midge. Can I call her midgey? :) She's a cutie, I wish I could get one!