she's a crazy cat!

our little midge-ster likes to be the center of attention.

can see her in the photo?... she is kind of camouflaged and it's a crappy iPhone photo.
it's quite hilarious... every time lincoln puts his iPad on his lap, she comes and plops right down in front of the screen.

she's quite hilarious all around, actually.

our tv has been broken for about a week and i haven't even seemed to notice.
she's very entertaining.

and hyper ALL OF THE TIME!

she chases our feet around the house all day.

she came and curled up on my lap yesterday...
one of her calm moments...

it was so cute.

so what?  i may be turning into one of those bloggers that obsesses over her pet.

she's just so darn cute.


Lindsay Kay said...

Yep. I was just going to say, you, Lincoln and Midge are becoming Josh, Naomi and Kingsley. Just remember, she's a cat ;) jk, Jalene! She IS adorable.

Kara Lynn said...

Ah she makes me miss my kitty even more!! My husband is allergic, so when we moved in together I had to give her to some friends after having her for five years. She was my baby ;-( And it makes me sad knowing I'll never have another kitty again.

Mandy said...

Pet bloggers are people too :)

I think she's sweet. And Lincoln is lucky he has an iPad! I want one!

CAPow! said...

Midge is ADORABLE!! Kep those photos coming! :)