the state fair.

i decided that this needs to be a yearly tradition.

the fair is a lot of fun!

this trip would be a grand total of 2 times that i've been there.
that's sad.

and here are some photos.

yes, we are bushels of fun.
especially lincoln, as you can see from this photo.

i don't know what my husband is doing in this photo.

have you ever been on that ride in the background?

it's called the:

and it's probably the most fun ride ever.

lincoln and i went on it and were laughing the entire ride.

this sign told to:

so we did.

and we ate some yummy corn.
and some other good food that i didn't document.

good by fair.  until next year.


kylee said...

love the fair! and i wish i loved the zipper. that ride is the absolute death of me. motion sickness at its worst. ps you and your new hubby are pretty much adorable.

Chase and Leah said...

This night was just SO fun!

Mandy said...

Love the pictures.

And I am pretty sad we missed it this year.