help wanted!

super cute geri over at me and him emailed me earlier this week asking for my help.

so now i'm asking for yours.

her husband has cystic fibrosis and is a finalist for a scholarship offered by Solvay Cares for $18,000!

and he needs your votes to win.
here is the video they made for it.

and you can read geri's post about it here

she also explains how to vote on that post as well.

head on over there and help them out!

i think they totally deserve this...

AND!  who doesn't need money to pay for school?

seriously.  go vote.  it will only take a second.

plus, she takes lovely photos.

go see!


Adorably Distracted... said...

Just voted!! thanks for sharing

adam.and.e said...

voted!! :)

adam.and.e said...

voted!! :)

Anonymous said...

just voted!

Mandy said...

I voted!

geri said...

perfect! thanks a million.

Stacey Gold said...

I played racquetball with Jason at BYU-Idaho! Small world. Already voted :)