i just want to say some things...

i feel like i haven't ever caught up since the wedding...

like my life still feels like a big disorganized mess.

even though i'm done with school (got my diploma back today!  good samaritan), i still feel like i have zero time.  zilch.  nada.

oh, and guess what?  we got a $30 parking ticket when we attended general conference today.  i'm still really sad about it.  and i shouldn't really care about those things because there are way more important things in the world, right?  i just feel like it was really unfair.

lincoln just discovered that he has a 50 question quiz tomorrow at 7:30 in his hardest class.  poor guy.  he's stressin' loads right now.  oh... and it's 10:30 p.m.  in my honest opinion, his teacher is lame-sauce.  he basically doesn't teach them anything and then they have these crazy hard quizzes/tests.

man, i'm glad i'm done with that crap.  sorry, linky.

anyway... back to feeling like i can't catch up.

you see, i still really want to blog about all the wedding vendors we used.  but somehow we've been married now for almost 4 months (what?  how did that happen?) and i haven't gotten around to all of it.

it's almost as hard as planning the wedding itself.
would you be like, "blah... this is old news.  i don't want to hear about that!" ?
or would you like to know?

oh, and i also think that sometimes i'm really bad friend.  sometimes i forget birthdays or forget to send wedding presents.  and i feel really guilty about that.

i decided that starting today, i'm going to write everyone's birthday on my calendar and be really good about sending a card or surprise to them.  i definitely need to be better at those things.

speaking of birthdays, mine is on thursday.

i'm turning...


i feel really weird about that.  like, i'm really weirded out about 23.

do you know what most girls my age do at 23? 
they have babies.

and that weirds me out even more.  everytime i see pictures of people who have babies, i get really scared about that part of my life.

so everyone quit asking...  i'm more "house hungry" than i am "baby hungry."

well, i think that is all i have to say.

have a lovely monday!


Robby Spratt said...

I hope things slow down for you a bit. It would be nice to be able to enjoy a leisurely first year of marriage.
Don't worry about turning 23. I am coming up on 28 and I haven't accomplished the things you have, i.e. marriage and college degree.
You are doing well and don't need to feel pressured to start having babies.

Erin Marie said...

Don't worry Jalene, I'm 23... And haven't accomplished much of anything. I'm not dating(or looking for that matter), not done with school and change my mind ALL the time. You are so well rounded and accomplished. 23 will be a breeze, I think you will find that you love it even more than 22. I know I do!

kaitlin said...

i'd still like to hear about the wedding details! i love that kinda stuff.

Anonymous said...

i love anything wedding! and don't feel worried about anything. age doesn't define what you should or shouldn't be doing. i'm 26 and am just enjoying being married. no babies yet!

Carlita said...

yea, totally get a house before a baby! at least that's what we did and i'm super grateful. and life goes so so fast, it's just crazy!

Anonymous said...

Hm, I get the idea that you're slightly stressed. You ok? :) Be happy! Life is better when you're happy. Remember conference? That was happy :) Love you!

andrea said...

first of all i want to tell you I TOTALLY SAW YOU AT CONFERENCE!! yes i did! i turned to my cousin and was like, "i totally follow her blog!" (loved your black dress p.s.) i am sorry to hear about your parking ticket though. bummer... :(

good luck to hubs on the quiz! and also a belated happy birthday to him as well!

Happy Birthday to YOU on thursday! wahoo! 23!

i think you should blog about your wedding stuff. first of all, it is YOUR blog and you can write about whatever you'd like and you have 249 people who like reading your posts as well. :)

i hope your life can become a little less of a "disorganized mess" -- good luck!

Jennifer said...

ahh I've been feeling like I'm in a constant state of trying to catch up for pretty much the past year. I'm going on 25 and definitely don't want babies just yet! But it totally weirds me out too when I see friends and people I went to school with having them left and right.

I'm just starting my wedding planning, so I would love to hear about your vendors and get some inspiration from your lovely wedding!

whimsy said...

i think it is just fine to not have a baby when you are 23. and to want a house....i am 25 and dont have a baby or a house...and it is just fine with me. and im sorry about your parking ticket. i hate those, and honestly get them all the time...but getting them for conference really is a bummer. we were at conference yesterday too! wouldve been fun to see you! happy bday to lincon and happy early bday to you! you could have a double celebration! oh and you think you are behind?? haaha i still have not finished my thank you cards, ummm we just celebrated our year anniversary! so, how do i do that? do i still even send them out!! im really bad.

Jessica Leigh said...

Feel the love and not the stress... You're seriously amazing! And yes, I would like hearing more about the wedding. I like such things. And hopefully one of these days I'll need such things.

And 23? Bah... my next is 25. You're great!


communikate. said...

yes, do the catch up on vendors.

i love all things wedding!

as for the baby/house/degree and such, i used to think it went in a certain order. i'm turning 28 next month. we've taken a giant step backwards, sold all our furniture, got rid of our house, and are going back to school. i'm not sure when babies are going to make an appearance, and i'm okay with that.

to each their own right?! you'll be a gorgeous mommy when you decide it's right for you and lincoln, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

phew.. long speech!

CAPow! said...

I definitely want to hear more about your wedding! And don't stress about babies, 23 is too young! Enjoy yourself for a few more years! :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Most "Mormon" girls are having babies at 23, not most girls! So don't feel like there is some magic number when things in life are suppose to happen :) I totally understand what you mean though being a Mormon and the culture that comes with it. You guys just got married, enjoy life! Have your "OWN" time table... not someone elses :) &I am so with you on the house hungry thing hahaha!

mandyface said...

We just moved twice in two months and since school is in full swing I know all about feeling like you're never caught up! I keep hoping a house elf will show up one night and make all my dreams come true.
ps- stay strong, baby wise. Its so trendy right now. There's pretty much only you and me babyless in the world. {not that I don't swoon over cute babies and of course I really want them one day.. blah blah}

Kara Lynn said...

I am getting sick of the whole when-are-you-going-to-have-babies coversation. Every time somebody tells us congrats, that follows. Can we just stop at congrats? Thanks!! I feel the same way. I don't know if it was the vacation or what, but getting back in the swing of things has been rough. I feel soooo unorganized and hectic and I am driving myself crazy!

Grandma Kathleen said...

People are asking you about babies? just tell them to myob. you probably wouldn't do that because you are so nice. you could always ask them "why do you want to know?"