today i'm editing photos like a maniac.

i have one shoot done... and six to go.  

i really want my clients to like me, so i will be m.i.a. today.

i have two weddings to photograph in a week period of time, two engagement sessions and another couple shoot in the next few weeks.

so i kind of need to get done with these, ya know?

anyway.  here's a photo of us at conference that my friend kristin took.


whimsy said...

so cute! we have a picture in the exact same spot...im about to so a post with it, check it out! loves
ps, way to go with all your photos! so happy you are actually doing something you enjoy for work:)

Krista & Tyler said...

Jalene-loving the cute outfits :) I even dressed up to go to work lol Ps, this is random, but how do you like your bangs? I'm thinking about sporting some fringe soon, but can't quite decide. Any advice/tips? Its been a while since I've had really good fringe, so.....yah.

Miss you guys :)

Jessica Leigh said...

A) You two are darling!

B) I love seeing your photo shoots!

C) I saw Kelsey Ann's bridals... nice!

D) Maybe someday I'll have the chance to use you too :)


Anonymous said...