little midger.

we just love this little girl so much.

she has brought so much happiness into our lives.

we took little midger outside the other day and let her explore a little.

she loves lincoln.
he's her favorite toy.

she wears us out though...
she's pretty much running and jumping and attacking and pouncing
all. the. time.

there is something about having a pet that brings a whole lot of love into you life.
i'm so glad we adopted her.

p.s.  we tried to give her a bath today.


not successful at all.

any tips on this subject?


President and Sister Taylor said...

Cats are lovely creatures. They don't have to be potty trained and they never have to be bathed. They groom themselves pretty much nonstop and never let any dirt stay on them. No worries.

Writer J said...

I got in the bath with mine. She was still scared (still got hair all over me), but it makes it easier to hold them and comfort.

In the summer you can go outside and use a hose, and have at least one other person help hold her if you know she's extra squirmy.

Jennifer said...

She is soooo cute! Do you ever worry about her running off outside? My mom's kitty loves to be outside, but my mom is so paranoid that her baby will run away and get lost or run in the street she only takes her out on a leash! It's hilarious.

Kara Lynn said...

My kitty always preferred the water being poured on her, over being put into a tub of it. I just always used the shower to wash her. She is adorable!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

:) she is adorable.

CAPow! said...

she is the cutest little thing EVER! And as for tips on cat baths....don't! They bathe themselves :) putting them in the water will just stress them out and possibly cause bodily harm to you ;)

Chelsea Ling said...

how sweet

Amanda said...

That b/w picture of Lincoln and Midge should be framed! You have talent, girl!

I bet the bath was hysterical :)

Kennedy Thorley said...

Cat bathing tip: Don't!! By the way, I think we have Midge's Uncle Puma! Check somewhere recent on Claire's blog.