last night i photographed one of the most fun shoots of my life.

here is a sneak peek:

it was seriously amazing.

stay tuned on my photoblog for the real post.


Tosha said...

I am loving the fall colors, and the lighting is amazing. You did awesome, I am excited to see the rest of them.

Callie said...

I stumbled across your blog the other day and its just charming. This picture is absolutely gorgeous!! Good work, I'm sure you are loving your new Nikon!

whimsy said...

she looks beautiful!! thanks for your sweet comment, it made my day! but jalene, i do not believe that you dont have any decorating skills, you are so cute! i would totally trade for a photo shoot, you are such a great photographer and it would be fun to have some new pics of the husband and i! ha i love all of your color matches, are you allowed to paint? when we moved into our place a couple months ago, the colors were hideous too and we had to paint everything! and our old place in provo had PINK CARPET everywhere! it was disgusting, but you can make it cute with a couple rugs, and you can find things for cheap...id love to come help! where are you guys living now?