love me some jazz.

last friday lincoln and i went to see the jazz play the lakers!

it was soooo fun!

i have loved the utah jazz since i was little.

and you bet i cheer loud at the games.
and at home when i watch them on tv.

we bought ourselves some jerseys.
lincoln: deron williams
me: paul millsap

i love paul.

and this is what it looks like when we beat the lakers!

i was still so excited when we got home.
and here is a crazy picture of me:


Anonymous said...

My brother was at that game with his family in the nose-bleeds. My nephew called it the "ear-ache" section :) Hahaha!

andrea said...

the jazz are the best!
i loathe the lakers & the fact that we WON that game just made my love deepen for the jazz!
i'm a cj miles fan myself. :)

and last nights game -- ooooh boy! loved it! such a good game!

glad you had fun!

andrea said...
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Shanna and Chris Purdie said...

you two look so cute matching together!!!

EJ said...

that is so cute little. i want to go to the game where we beat the lakers.

Erin Marie said...

I am SOooo Jealous! That was such a great game! My voice has been gone ever since Saturday morning because of this game. Aagh I love it! Love the Jazz. I have a crush on CJ. :)

erin m. said...

i'm not a jazz fan, but i LOVE going to basketball games!! they are so much fun. my life goal is to go to a playoff game.