and we babysat.

last week we babysat baby beck while leah went and got her hair did.

we always love that chance to hang out with this little guy.

he's so dang cute.

plus, i get to take pictures of him.

midge was TERRIFIED of beck.  for no good reason.
and it was hilarious!

beck loves all animals and squeals every time he sees one.

here she is watching him closely... haha.

 don't be jealous of our orange carpet, now.

this next one is great...
midge is peeking around the chair to see what beck is doing.

beckster and uncle lincoln:

"er... that's all folks!"

isn't he cute?

p.s.  it might be accurate to say that beck will grow up thinking his aunt jalene has a camera for her face, no?


Diana Smith said...

What an adorable little boy!! He has the cutest little smile!

Jess said...

oh he is super cute!
I love the pics of Beck and Midge love them!

Anonymous said...

Yep. That's what my n&ns think of me :) Hahah! Cute pictures!

Ana* said...

one word: Adorable!

Mandy said...

He is darling!

p.s. orange is a very underestimated color. Own it!

Kara Lynn said...

I love the one of Midge peaking around the chair!! So cute. And Lincoln is so cute with him :-) Next time Lincoln needs a camera face for a bit to get some pics of you and Beck!

President and Sister Taylor said...

Thanks for giving us our "Beck fix" for the day. Your pictures are wonderful--and we LOVE the subject too!

Brittany said...

oh my, he is adorable! if i'm not being too presumptuous, you and lincoln will be darling parents.

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

The pictures of him and Lincoln are the cutest ever!!! LOVE those!

jasmine said...

so cute.

Grandma Kathleen said...

so cute! i especially love the picture of Midge peeking around the edge of the chair to keep an eye on the boy!! haha