the simple things.

today was kind of a rough day.

first, it was cold.  miserably cold.
and me and cold don't mix.
i've been perma-cold all day.

and work just wasn't all that great today.

and i read this testimony, and it made me feel really sad.

but then i really thought about today and decided it wasn't that bad.

my mom made me some yummy tomato soup paired with a grilled cheese for lunch.  thanks, mom!
(i transferred locations at work and it happens to be about 1 minute away from my parents, so my mommy makes me lunch every day.  it's the best!)

and then i came home and shortly after lincoln came home from a long day of work.

we had guacamole and chips for dinner paired with a throwback pepsi.
we are classy people.

and then we sat on our bed.  he checked his fantasy football scores and i checked my email.
midge licked our left over guac out of the bowl.

and then i told him how he is my favorite person in the world.  (he really is).
and he told me i was his favorite in the universe.

it was cute.

and then we held hands and finished reading our scores/emails.

it's those simple things in life that make a day like today really really great.


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Jess said...

When I stop and appreciate the little things in life it makes me more grateful for the life I live and how happy those simple things make me.
Love the post!

Brissa said...

Ah! Love this. I truly believe it's the simple things in life that make us happy.