it's been a year. and it's also been six months.

yesterday was a cool day.

we celebrated being married for half a year!!

and also it was our one year mark of the day we got engaged!

i like that every six months, we will celebrate something.

that's neat.

why don't you go back and read the post about us getting engaged.

it's great.

and i think it's the most comments i've ever received on a post on this blog.

pretty awesome.

i know this might sound cheesy... and i hate saying this as a newlywed because no one takes you seriously, but...

marriage is the best thing ever.

i love that husband of mine so very much.

ever since i met him, my life has gotten exponentially better.

sometimes we disagree and get frustrated with each other and we are far from perfect.

but despite all of that, we are incredibly happy together.

life is so good.

and i'm really glad he asked me to marry him one year ago. 


jaimie said...

Ah i loved your engagement story!! I got engaged yesterday and it's so crazy, it still doesn't feel real! Glad there is someone else who had a super long LDS engagement...SUCK! But i'm sure the summer wedding is worth the wait! :)

Anonymous said...

The post about you two getting engaged was so cute! Congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...

y'all are precious! And gorgeous!

Ana* said...

Your engagement story and pictures are beautiful.

Steph Romney said...

your engagement story was the first post i read on your blog! i am happy i found your blog, i love it so much! congratulations on your first wonderful 6 months of marriage:)


Erin Marie said...

Yay! Congratulations! I love hearing love stories because I don't have one of my own yet... But even then, I think I will still love love. Always.

Brittany said...


seriously, you guys timed that really well.

Amanda said...

Congrats! Love celebrating the little milestones with my husband, so I'm glad that others do as well... :)