a little game.

the outlook for the next three days of my life is jam packed,

therefore, i was thinking we could play a little game...

since i will be absent from this blog.

it's a get to know you game!

i've always wanted to know who reads this blog, 

so tell me!!

your first name,

where you're from,
(you don't have to tell me the city)

your favorite



and food.


here's mine: 

i'm jalene.

from utah.

and my favorite place is my bed,

fav person is lincoln (midge comes in at a close second)

and my fav food...
(so hard.  i love food.)

 chips & salsa.

so, please!

introduce yourself.

don't be shy.  

i want all you non-commenters out there to speak up!


kylee said...

cute idea.
first off i adore your blog. thanks for letting me stalk.

i'm kylee.
from saltlake.
favorite place: disneyland. love it.
favorite person: my mom. she's my best friend.
favorite food: mexican in general. if you ever crave good mexican [and good chips & salsa] i suggest la puente. best place ever.

good luck with your busy weeek!

Sam said...

Hello, there! :)
I'm Sam, from Missouri. My favorite place is Forest Park. My favorite person is my wonderful mom. Favorite food is also chips & salsa! Pizza being a close second, if not tied :)

Emily Lou said...

i'm emily. from austin, texas. i love being in houston (home) with the family. my favorite people would have to be my brothers, and i could live off of peanut butter sandwiches.
the end. :]
p.s. love your blog. you and your husband are beautiful!

Jess said...

My name is Jess
I live in Tasmania, Australia
My favourite place is curled up in from of a wood fireplace on a cold night reading a book.
My faovurite person is my niece Zoe and my awesome mum.
Favourite food is fresh raspberries with icing sugar and ice cream.

jaimie said...

Well you know i stalk your blog because remember that one time i told you that i saw Lincoln on campus..and the only way i knew it was him was from your blog...never felt more creepy in my life!

Jaimie :)
From..Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ
Fav. Place...Italy!
Fav. Person..My fiance, Brandon
Fav. Food..Mexican

Anonymous said...

my name is Claire, I am from Adelaide, Australia!

My favourite place is a 3 way tie between my bedroom, my family's bush property, and my swimming pool!

I am not sure if I have a favourite person, but my favourite people to be with are my parents (I feel a bit lame saying that but it is true at the moment!)

My favourite food is my spinach, tomato and avocado omlette I have for breakfast every morning.

I love this blog :)

Lydia said...

My name is Lydia.
I'm from Arizona.
My favorite place is Balboa Island in CA.
My favorite person is Adam, my husband.
My favorite food is sushi.

Anonymous said...

i'm ashley.
i read your blog every day.
i'm from florida.
my favorite place is the beach.
my favorite person is my husband! :) and my retired greyhound is a close second. his name is whodi.
favorite food is chocolate chip cookies :)

have a wonderful week

kels said...

hello! i'm a non-commenter you speak of, so i thought i'd change that!

i'm kelsey.
from indiana.
fav person: truly hard to pick... i love my mom & pops... and my best friends... and a lot of people.
fav food: right now it would have to be homemade candy canes from a local chocolate shop... sooooooo good. :)

Heather said...

I confess, I also rarely comment, but always love to check in on your blog.

I'm Heather
From Minnesota
My favorite place... somewhere high up in the mountains
My favorite person would probably be Josh (my hubby) :p
Food... now that's a tricky one... favorite food... first thing that comes to mind is bread! Yes, yummy bread with cheese. :)

misty star said...

misty from illinois. i really like my bed, too, but don't want to steal your answer so i'm going to go with sedona, arizona. my favorite person is the husband, tim and my daschund, nash (named after steve nash of the phoenix suns) ties as number one with him . (kidding..) favorite food: a thai dish called pad see ewe!

Nik and Dawna said...

Dawna here!
Born and Raised in Arizona
Like you I am a homebody and love me bed as well. But other than my bed I love the mall.
Nik is my favorite person, luckily eternity will never end!
Food - item: Spinach. genre: Mexican
And we met on that lovely facebook group, if you remember...or don't want to...cuz You've got a great catch now!

Love your blog!!!

Emily said...

I'm Emily.
I'm from Arizona.
My favorite place is London, England.
My favorite person is my 8-year-old brother Ryan.
My favorite food is chocolate milk.

Diana Smith said...

I am Diana

I am from Utah

My favorite place is Disneyland

My favorite people, have to pick 2, is Daniel my husband and Olivia my baby

I love cheesecake icecream!

Sarah Hatch said...

I'm a non commenter too. :) I was the grade older than you at our High School. I love your photography, my husband and I do photography too. Anyway,

I'm Sarah from Utah. My favorite place is wherever my hubby and kids are... which gives you a clue to who my favorite person is. My favorite food lately is my homemade Zuppa Toscana.

Michelle said...

I've commented and e-mailed before but here you go...

I'm Michelle from Indiana. My favorite person is my husband. My parents and brother are right up there too.

My favorite place is Chicago. Switzerland is second.

My favorite food is good ol' American. I love burgers and fries.

Ana* said...

your first name: Magdalena

where you're from: I'm from the Caribbean and live in RI

your favorite place: The kitchen, there's always food there

person: My mother

and food: Anything Italian

Rohini said...

Hello! I'm Rohini, i found your blog a few months ago and i can't stop reading =)
I'm from Bombay, India
My favorite place is at home, sitting on the couch watching the little birds bully the bigger birds in my garden
my favorite person is my grandma
and my favorite food is pizza!

Mandy said...

My husband Kevin
French Fries

Love this!

Tifferlee83 said...

Hey! I am Tiffany, I live in Phoenix, my favorite place is in the woods with no sign of civilization around, or at Target :), favorite person is my boyfriend, and my favorite food is cheese danish!

kelli christine case said...

i'm kelli. haha. you know i read and comment your blog. mutual stalking.

im from cville! my fave place is singing in the car. my fave person is jared (my boyfriend). my fave food..so easy. costa vida. mmmmmmmm.

love you jalene. good luck bein busy. tell me how it is! hahah (:

Lauren Kay said...

-I'm Lauren. I stalk your blog because I served my mission with Lincoln.
-I live in Washington DC.
-My favorite place is my parents home in Oregon. Maybe by the pool with a book.
-My favorite food is dessert. Any dessert. But, I CRAVE Magnolia Bakery's Banana Pudding (NYC) and I'm so excited to get some this weekend!

You're too cute. What a fun game for you to find out about the people who read your blog.

Siema Lincoln'a!

jpizzledizzle said...

I'm Parker
From Utah
Place: Mountains of Utah
Person: My Wife
Food: Mexican mmm.

Taryn said...

C-bus, Ohio.
The beach, but the last four years it has become the West spending time with family.
Baby girl, Stella Rose.

P.S. I am friends/old room mates with Leah Taylor... that is how I found you :)

Shanna and Chris Purdie said...

Hey- Shanna, Live in Farmington- favorite place anywhere warm-favorite person my husby of course- favorite food chinese!!

She Loves To Make said...

From Utah
anywhere I'm on vacation
my husband and little boy
cafe rio pork salads or really just anything with sour cream and guacamole

Mallory Camille said...

Hi Jalene-
From: Idaho\Utah
Favorite Person: Husband and baby girl
Favorite food: sushi

Love your blog.

Prix ° said...

From Brazil.
-place: Anywhere with my whole family together.
-person: My younger sister, Leticia.
-food: chocolate milkshake.

I love your blog!

anna mae said...

Hola Jalene!

From Pleasant Grove
Disneyland is the greatest place EVER!
Favorite person is JCM squared.(makinuvbetter.blogspot.com)
Favorite food: mexican

You are great. I like this get to know you bidniss (:

Chelsea said...

Hello Jalene!

My name is Chelsea.
I live in Utah!
My favorite place would have to be my couch, with a blanket and a book.
My favorite person is most definitely my boyfriend, Brian.
And my favorite food is potatoes, of all sorts. Love them.

I love reading your blog. Honestly. :)

Anonymous said...

-From Logan
-favorite place: tony's grove lake up Logan canyon
-favorite person: my man, Greg
-favorite food: homemade tortillas

i really should comment more! i love your blog.

Jess said...

Hi there!

I'm Jessica.
Going into photography at USU.
I happened to stumble across your
blog and noticed you went there!
And so.. I followed it.
I am from SLC.
I can't choose a favorite person!
I like too many.
My favorite food is chinese, which
is ironic because i am Italian. Ha!
Anyways, I love your blog.
The end! :)

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

Oh hey Jalene!
I like to stalk your blog sometimes. :)
I'm from Las Vegas, but live in good ole Provo.
My favorite place is the Bellagio & Green Valley Ranch in Las Vegas.
And Mitch and Maci are my favorite people in the whole world!!!

Love you and miss you!

Gretchen said...

Hi! I'm Gretchen.
I'm from Indiana.
My favorite place is my house! We're working on making it ours.
My favorite person is my husband.
My favorite food is ice cream.

Angela Wasko said...

Name: Angela
Residency: Iowa is my homestate, but I attend college in Missouri.
Fav Place: Surrounded by Family/friends
Fav Person: ? Good question...
Fav Food: Spaghetti

I stumbled upon your blog through someone else's blog and fell in LOVE with your wedding video. Amazing. Been following you since. :)

krista said...

...i'm krista...
...from utah...
...my favorite place is any park bench...
...i believe my favorite person would be my dad...
...my favorite food (at least right now) is pepperoni pizza...

love you!

kylie said...

hi. i'm a non-commenter, but here i am. i love to read your blog, by the way.
i'm kylie.
i'm from utah, too.
my favorite place, though, is london.
my favorite person(s) are my four sisters.
and i love any sweet treats. like chocolate-covered cinnamon bears.
ta-da! happy christmas season!

andrea said...

your first name: andrea

where you're from: SLC

your favorite...

place: anywhere with friends and/or family

person: madre

and food: depends on my mood. there is too much of it to love!

i came across your blog when your engagements were featured on jessica kettle's photography blog & have been following it ever since. :) i adore it. :)

Amanda said...

Hello Jalene! I'm Amanda from Wisconsin who loves hanging out with my husband Chad. We love cooking and my favorite place at the moment is my house because with school being done I finally get to hang out there!

Steph Romney said...

Heyo! I met you tonight at Scott & Holly's wedding:) You were great, by the way.

I'm Stephanie from Utah! & my favorite place would definitely be in Southern California: Newport Beach. Favorite person? My future husband, I'm sure he'll be my favorite. Last but not least, anything Italian.

So here I am, just stalking you a little more and responding to this post. I think your blog is just wonderful. It was lovely meeting you,


D'Rae said...

My name is D'Rae
I'm from Indiana
place: my house
Person: my hubby
food: that's a tough one! I would have to say my hubby's secret family recipe for tacos

smart alec said...

Cute idea :) I'm Ali from Orem. Favorite place is Rome, favorite person is my super cool boyfriend, and favorite food is burgers and fries (with fry sauce of course)

Kati said...

Cute idea, I love following your blog!

My name is Kati and I am from Illinois. My favorite place is the beach. My favorite person is my dad. And my favorite food is Pizza!

Happy Holidays!

Jill said...

Jill from D.C. and my favorite place is Venice and my favorite person is all of my family together and my favorite food is guacamole (on chips...with salsa)

lehi + sasha said...



la jolla



Lauren Ashlee said...



Place; Outer Banks, North Carolina
Person: Three way tie between my Mom, my husband Alex, and my best friend Kate!

Food: Tough one! Fruit salad or cheesecake.

Lauren Ashlee said...



Place; Outer Banks, North Carolina
Person: Three way tie between my Mom, my husband Alex, and my best friend Kate!

Food: Tough one! Fruit salad or cheesecake.

Kel said...

Kel Crandall

Mapleton, Utah


Place: Fairview Canyon

Person: My husband Ryan and (can it be a pet?) my horse.

Food: Kneaders Turkey Feta Salad

jenn said...

Ha I know I'm a little late at this one. Found your blog via Jasmine's.

Name: Jenn

From: Orem

Favorite Place: San Diego or Hawaii

Favorite Person: My family, and closest friends. I don't have one favorite right now.

Favorite Food: I'm a sucker for Cafe Rio's pork salad. Oooh! And pizza with Arugula on it!