scratch, scratch, scratch.

we've had a few visitors this last few days

and let me tell you, it hasn't been fun!

i'm not being rude, because these guests are not welcome!


luckily i haven't actually seen one (yet!)

but they have taken up residence in the space between our ceiling and the second floor above us.

scratch, scratch, scratch.

i hear it all night and all day.


we even discovered a hole chewed through midge's bag of food in the garage.

so we got some d-con and put it in the ceiling and garage.

but i still hear it...

scratch, scratch, scratch.

i guess i could say it's a good thing we have a cat, but i'm kind of afraid if midge caught one, i might get really grossed out.

i posted this on my facebook status on monday

and i had a friend reply saying in their first apartment they had BATS!

bats!!!  can you believe that?

she even said one night one fell on top of their covers while they were sleeping.

sounds just like a nightmare to me.

i have a heating vent right above my face in our bed and i'm kind of worried about mice droppings falling on my face in the middle of the night.


i guess it could be worse right?  bats!!!  eeek!

what are you unwanted pest stories???


kara lynn said...

weeeell. i was up working late on a paper and fall asleep on the floor and awoke to my cat bringing me two "presents" (mice) one under my shoulder and another a few feet away and can i tell you it was AWFUL! sick but kinda glad i documented it in my morning distress http://bright-star-oratorios.blogspot.com/2010/01/mice-attack.html

heisschic said...

found a mouse in our washing machine once... it was squeaky clean. badumm chhh. (but seriously- it was splayed out on the wall from the spin cycle like superman).

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH! We are going through the SAME thing right now!! We can't get rid of them!!! WE HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING! We don't want to use poison because of our dog but we are literally at our wit's end!!! We have officially hit rock bottom. I completely feel your pain!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't tell my sister-in-law or she'll never visit our house again, but we have several rats living behind or inside our garage. They come around and eat our bird seed and they are NASTY, HUGE suckers with long tails and fast reflexes. Luckily, they're not INSIDE our house, but walking out on the patio at night always freaks me out. How would it be to step on a giant rat in your bear feet and hear this loud, "SQUEEEEEK!" drowned out completely by my "AAAGGGHHHHH!" BAH! sick. yuck. bleck! Remember when I stepped on a snail at EFY? This would be a billion times worse than that.

Calli said...

My family was staying up at our cabin. Im dead asleep when I hear my mom screaming and my dad running around. Next I hear a gunshot! There was a bat in their bedroom and my dad SHOT it IN the cabin.. haha hillbilly? Maybe.. But my mom is deathly afraid of bats, so maybe it was necessary. :)
PS. hope married life and new branch are going well for you. you guys are adorable. Love the new midge addition!! So cute!

smart alec said...

i had mice when i lived in my grandparent's house. i had heard them in the walls, and one day i was vacuuming in the hall and one ran right over my foot. pretty much freaked out! turns out the basement storage was full (literally) of them. it was so nasty! also, i love your blog :)

Tsuki aka LittleGrayFox said...

when I lived in a basement i actually saw the mice run across the room. i used to leave snacks, usually trail mix, on my nightstand (i was 12) and eat it while doing my homework. one morning i woke up and there were little sunflower seed skins scattered across my pillow


mice were on my pillow WHILE I SLEPT!!!

good luck with yours! i would recommend using a trap instead of poison though. if they eat the poison, they usually crawl off to die...most times in your insulation so they're hard to find and you have to wait for them to decomp (a couple weeks).

if you set traps instead, you know where the traps are and just have to check them every day :)

Mitch and Serretta Barlow said...

We were on the third floor of our one bedroom apartment and had mice! So gross! Totally know how you feel! So gross, I'm sorry!

jasmine said...

ummmm....i had a cockroach crawl up my entire body (from my foot to my neck) once when my bedroom was my mom's converted garage. i was about 21 at the time.

it was horrifying. especially since i've been terrified of cockroaches since i was about 2 years old.

Katherine said...

In our first apartment we would wake up to find worms all over the carpet, and weird bugs in the tub. Crazy creepy weird bugs that I have never seen before or since. Just thinking about it makes me feel a little sick inside.

katrina said...

ooh im so sorry. i cant even imagine. we had rats in nyc. every night we'd hear their little pitter patter past out beds and into the kitchen. one night i honestly considered jumping out the window cause i didn't see another way out of the apartment. HAHA

i hope your little infestation doesnt last much longer.

good luck.

Marcia said...

One day it was warm out and I left the door open for some fresh air. My cat brought in a live mouse, dropped it in the living room and then proceeded to lay down and watch it run around. The worst part was that my husband was at work and I couldn't get ahold of anyone to capture it. I just stood on the couch crying until I got up the courage to call my landlords and they rescued me. I definitely have nice landlords! :)