we are at home.

and sick in bed.

so don't come visit us or nothin' cause we have got ourselves some nasty sore throats.

lincoln is worse off than me, but i have a feeling i'm just a day behind him in the symptom line.

if any of you are my facebook friends, you probably could pin point where we contracted this mess.

this is from last monday...

i really wish people would stay home when they are sick.

really... it's better for all of us.

now we are going to eat some popsicles and get some rest.

p.s.  this is the first time in over about a year and a half that i've had a cold.
i never get sick.


Diana Smith said...

Ugh, poor thing! I am sorry, being sick is so hard and you just don't want to do anything!

Anonymous said...

feel better soon!

Emily Dawn said...

Did you end up having to pay to post more pictures?

I just ran into that problem.

Grandma Kathleen said...

so sorry you are sick. you might want to check with your doctor -- don't want to alarm you but you could have strep throat.